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SOLIN is a startup based in Cri-Labs. This startup is dedicated to all insulin-pen users, which face every day different problems in keeping under control their blood sugar. The main motivation for building this startup is our friend Andi, who is part of Solin team, he is living with diabe-tes type 1 from childhood. Moreover, from our research, we found a great number of people suffering from the same issues.Solin consist of a product with 5 services. It is a smart cap designed, which cover the pen of insulin, include a sensor of temperature, location and a digital clock which send real-time data to Scap App where are analyzed and alerting the patient. There 4 main services that Scap offer in our product 1. Alerts when you forget to take the pen 2.Reminder whether you took or not insulin dose 3. Alerting when a pen is exposed at high temperature 4. Real-time location of an insulin pen.









Our Vision

Solin will make the life of millions of diabetics easier, happier and liberate them to have more time for things that they love to do most.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip every insulin pen user in the world by making it affordable and a must-have. Team Solin aims to work and develop more tools that can help insulin users to have fulfilled life like everyone else.

Our Valves

Our values lie in our nature as young and motivated entrepreneurs: We work hard to create a network through Credibility, Quality, Passion, Simplicity, and Results. As we are focusing on staying in a small family, we are outsourcing everything but our ideas to keep our future company innovative.