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Teacher: Giuseppe Gangarossa, giuseppe.gangarossa@univ-paris-diderot.fr

Schedule: 10 sessions (3 hours each)


Evaluation: The evaluation will be based on: (i) implication in the class, (ii) an oral presentation and (iii) a written research project.


Overview of the class:

The goal of this course is to ensure that the students obtain broad training in the field of physiology and neuroscience. The course offers a rich experience that brings students to the forefront of research-based knowledge. Systems physiology and integrative neuroscience are intrinsically multi-disciplinary, spanning from molecular biology and gene regulation, to chemical and electrical signaling, and information processing. Each of these levels is combined to generate a mechanistic, molecular-to-systems level understanding of animal and human behaviours.

Students will integrate approaches from various science disciplines to formulate a more global understanding of complex and integrated phenomena. Introductory lectures cover the basics of physiology, endocrinology and neuroscience. Special lectures cover specific hot topics in the field of physiology and neuroscience.

Classes will be based on a hybrid system: frontal lectures, flipped classrooms and open discussions. A commitment to read articles and reviews is mandatory.


Course planning:

4 introductory lectures (3 hours each) to provide solid bases:

  1. Principles of physiology
  2. Principles of endocrinology
  3. Principles of neuroscience
  4. Cutting-edge tools in physiology and neuroscience

6 special lectures (3 hours each) on specific topics. Invited speakers for some topics.

  1. Learning and memory
  2. Neurobiology of the reward system
  3. Neurobiology of emotions
  4. Feeding behaviour, energy expenditure and homeostatic control
  5. Sensory neuroscience (smell, taste)
  6. Periphery-brain axis (microbiota, liver)


Suggested readings:

Please have a look at the course internal page. Several articles, reviews and book chapters are proposed depending on your initial background.