Tiny Defense – GLASS 2016

Tiny Defense – GLASS 2016

By In Uncategorized On October 20, 2016

Team : GLASS 2016 students

Tiny Defense is a Tower Defense game where you have to destroy bacteria before they can attain and eat your sugar. To do so, you have to deploy different kinds of antibiotics pastilles. But beware, bacteria colonies are resistent to certain kinds of antibiotics. The player must thus must manage antiobiotics’ colors he employs versus bacteria, but also the right quantity of antibiotics to eliminate bacteria without wasting too much resources. Our game objective is to teach children that bacteria resist to antibiotics and that we mustn’t use too much of them if we want to effectively kill bacteria.

The game is available on PC and Android There is no tutorial made right now, the controls are as follows : Create a tower : click on a tower on the right, then on an empty grid space (check you have enough money !).