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Assistant Director for Research

Short Bio

After graduating from Caltech in mathematics and biology, Dusan got his Ph.D from Michigan State University in evolutionary biology, working with Rich Lenski and Charles Ofria. He did a short postdoc at ETH in Switzerland with Sebastian Bonhoeffer before coming to CRI in 2009 as a postdoc in the Evolutionary and Systems Biology team of the INSERM U1001.

His most recent position at CRI was the Scientific Coordinator for the undergraduate program Frontiers in Life Science. In his present role as the Assistant Director for CRI Research he is participating in charting the course for CRI Research, designing Advanced Workshops, organising the recruiting of the Research Fellows, and mentoring the Fellows.

Research Interests

Dusan’s current main research interests concern evolution of genetic architecture and indirectly selected evolutionary traits, such as cooperation, evolvability, and mutation rate. In his research he is primarily using computational systems, including Avida, Aevol, and population genetic models, but he is also involved in microbiology projects on cooperation.

Besides research, Dusan is very interested in new education methodologies and has been teaching various courses at the undergraduate and master’s level, including Biology Bootcamp, Computer Science, Scientific Communication, Evolution, Biological Modeling, and Interdisciplinary projects. He co-designed and is involved in running a citizen science project on aging in humans, www.AgeGuess.org.

Selected Publications

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