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Michel Morange

Michel Morange

By In On March 25, 2014

Michel Morange
Important and ambiguous notions in (life) sciences (History of Science) teacher


Michel Morange was trained in biochemistry and molecular biology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, where he obtained his PhD in 1978. He then turned to cell biology, and entered into François Jacob’s lab in the same Institute. He created in 1991, at the Ecole normale supérieure in Paris, a group whose project was to characterize the regulation of heat shock gene expression. Michel Morange is Professor in Biology at the University Paris 6 and at the Ecole normale supérieure.

He also received in parallel a formation in history and philosophy of sciences (PhD in 1978). He is the Director of the Centre Cavaillès for History and philosophy of sciences at the Ecole normale supérieure (USR 3608, CNRS). His main interest is the history of the transformations of biology during the 20th century – in particular the rise of molecular biology (Michel Morange (1998) A history of molecular biology (Cambridge: Harvard University press)).