Matthieu Piel

Matthieu Piel

By In On November 20, 2013

Matthieu Piel
Experimental method in systemics biology teacher


Matthieu Piel is a young PI at Institut Curie, in charge of the team ‘Systems biology of cell division and cell polarity’. He was trained as a physicist (Ecole Polytechnique and a master in liquid and soft matter physics), but did his PhD in cell biology, working on the cell cytoskeleton in the lab of Michel Bornens.

He then did a post-doc in the lab of Andrew Murray at Harvard University, working on cell polarity during mating (sex) in baker’s yeast. In the frame of this project, he used microfluidic devices to generate stable gradients of molecules over cells, in collaboration with the lab of George Whitesides.

Returning to France as a CNRS researcher at Institut Curie, Matthieu continued working on cell polarity related questions, combining microscopy of live cells and quantitative environmental control using micro-fabricated devices, including micropatterning and micro-fluidics.