Dorothée Arzounian

Dorothée Arzounian

By In On February 27, 2015

Dorothée Arzounian
2013-2014 FdV PhD Student

PhD Research

Sensory processing and brain state: models, psychophysics, electrophysiology

Abstract: Sensory responses are variable: identical stimuli may evoke a different electrophysiological or behavioral response on each trial. Such variability may reflect a deterministic process of ongoing activity that appears noise-like to the experimenter for lack of information about its nature. This project proposes to measure electrophysiological correlates of intrinsic brain activity prior to stimulation, together with sensory and behavioral responses, and to model their mutual interactions. The project will combine human psychophysics, human electrophysiology (EEG and MEG), animal electrophysiology in collaboration with groups within our lab (Shihab Shamma) and other labs (Patrick Kanold, Israel Nelken), signal processing (to develop tools to quantify brain state), and modeling. Expected outcomes of this thesis are (a) a better understanding of sensory processing mechanisms, (b) a better understanding of the intrinsic dynamics of the brain in its interaction with the environment, (c) a toolbox of measurement techniques and signal processing tools to quantify brain state.

Supervisor: Alain De CHEVEIGNE
Lab: Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs
Funding: Région Ile de France DIm Cerveau (ex NeRF)