Special issue on learning and creativity in citizen science

Special issue on learning and creativity in citizen science

By In Hot News, News On January 31, 2017

We are happy to announce that the Human Computation Journal has published a special issue dedicated to the results of the citizen Cyberlab Project.
Citizen Cyberlab was a european research project piloted by Ariel Lindner and coordinated by Jesse Himmelstein from CRI and Paris Descartes University. The project explored ways to extend citizen science techniques to new application domains such as synthetic biology, disaster mapping, and quantum physics simulations, as well as studied what positive effects the project has on participants learning and creativity.

Within the project, the CRI developed new tools and platforms to empower both citizen and professional scientists. Among those tools are RedMetrics, an open source, open data online analytics system, and Hero.Coli, a video game on synthetic biology that uses RedMetrics for design and scientific purposes. These two tools are featured in the article Improving Citizen Science Games through Open Analytics Data with an analysis of open data and open science.

This journal issue also contains an other article written by the CRI, which presents the 2014 iGEM project of the Paris Bettencourt team:
The smell of us – crowdsourcing human body odor evaluation