Seminar : Sensors for tracking mental health

Seminar : Sensors for tracking mental health

By In home-events, Hot News On March 10, 2017

CRI Research is excited to present second talk in the 2017 seminar series, very much in line with research themes, goals, and methodology we promote at CRI.

“Sensors for tracking mental health”

Arno Klein is the Child Mind Institute’s Director of Innovative Technologies and Research Scientist in the Center for the Developing Brain. He will talk with us about (1) his recent experience as the scientific lead on the mPower Parkinson mobile health research study launched in 2015 by Apple, (2) his open source software pipeline for analyzing sensor data, and (3) the first steps he is taking to develop a Sensors and Wearables Program to study mental health and offer potential interventions.

Tuesday, 18. 4. 2017, 13h
The Learning Center (20.11)
20th floor, Tour Montparnasse