Scientific Clubs


Data Science Club

Data Science club at the CRI is a structure to create a network interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics and Big Data at the CRI and open for the students from the CRI and outside.
We propose a formula of self-paced club which would reduce the in-person meeting and provide online forum for exchange of knowledge for everyone. In addition to online group that would be sharing resources and exchange information. We organize workshops in little groups in order to learn i.e. a new skill, complete a mooc and also bigger events with invited speakers – domain experts – from academia and industry.

Join our slack team where resources, information are shared. Slack is open for everyone with e-mail,, and an invitation can be sent on a request if is e-mailed.

web : Github

Adventure Club

The motivation for adventure club is to find out where we can have great adventures together in France. We will explore new areas, try new activities, learn new skills, and get to know new people! If this sounds like something you’d like to do, and/or you already know and love French adventuring, please join, and we can brainstorm ideas of where to go and what to see! We will also offer workshops for activities that you are interested, so we can all learn new skills and techniques for our adventures!

Meetings: Announced on the Facebook page
Web: Ideaweave, Facebook

Brewery Club

We also would like to add to the common identity among all the CRI community by brewing a beer carrying its name (CRI Brewery), and organizing tasting events where all students and staff can gather and inform themselves about all the related processes.

Next meetings: 25th of November, 1st of December, 10th of January at Cochin.

City and Learning Club

The CRI City & Learning Club aims at transforming the experience of learning and living in a XXIst century city, by bringing together all of a city’s resources. The club’s statement of action is articulated around 2 axes:

  1. leveraging the learning opportunities in the city to create a learning network
  2. creating contents to support learning about the city

Contact :
Meetings: Every Wednesday, 10.30am-12.30am at CRI Charles V.

Creative Writing Club

The club focuses on creativity and creative writing, project writing and community building. It brings together students from the CRI and from other schools, as well as entrepreneurs, novelists, journalists and professors of creative writing.

Meetings: Every Thursday, 7pm, room 3.04 at CRI Charles V.

Emergent Technologies Club

Emergent Technologies Club (ETC) at CRI is dedicated to work as an open platform to discuss on emerging technologies in Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno domains, future driven movements like transhumanism and entrepreneurship in these cutting edge tech and sciences. As CRI being a hub of budding visionaries, entrepreneurs and researchers in education and science ETC will aspire to create an open platform to address the questions and initiate discussion related to these concerns and how we will evolve to face the challenges of the Future. Particularly it is a club where we organize events like talks from the experts and visionaries in these respective fields and organize workshops to facilitate the vision we believe in.

Meetings: Every Friday, 6pm-7pm, Room 2.04 at CRI Charles V.

Enigma Club

Nowadays the word « Game » is often associated with digital. However a new gaming community is rising, in which the human relations and are emphasized, like in « the escape game »* .  Join the ENIGMA Club to help us design and organize Escape Games, human-scale game where people use their creativity

Meetings: Every Monday, 6pm-7.30pm, Room 2.04 at CRI Charles V.


We try to spread our vision and wishes of a technological and cognitive creativity by promoting rapid and efficient prototyping on data, electronics, web applications and living systems taking deeply into account the user experience.

Meetings: Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm


The Gamelier club is for those who want to meet up to make games together. We focus on educational and scientific games, but all creative energy is welcome. Together, we can present ideas, learn about game design. making and programming, contribute to each other’s projects, run workshops and jams. As much as possible we try to invite guest speakers, who talk for about 30-45 minutes or we break down into groups to make games.

Meetings: Every Monday evening at 7:30pm in room 1.04 at the CRI Charles V.
Web: Facebook, Website

History Revival Club

The building that today hosts the CRI on rue Charles V has been home to a rich and socially active history. In the wake of 1968, it became a locus of alternative university programs and community activist groups, many of whom having left protest posters and publications behind that remain in the building today. We are hoping to salvage these materials and create an exhibition to remember these social movements and the legacy they have afforded us today.

Meetings: Every Tuesday, 7.00pm in the Lobby at the CRI Charles V.

Material Design

The immune system of humans can be incredibly complicated, so to better understand what immunology is, we want to introduce it by exploring more simple and non-conventional immune systems.The immnewlogy club aims to create tools that make this field more accessible. Through this club, we will develop a dedicated website platform and produce videos, podcasts, a simple game and seminars during the year.

Meetings: Every Tuesday, 7:30pm at the CRI Charles V.

Minecraft Ed

Minecraft is a sandbox video game played by Millions of people. There are visionaries who see it as a huge potential for disseminating learnings in a more engaging manner. NOW is the time to transform this playful game into an educational tool, understanding how to do it in the most efficient manner in order to foster 21rst Century Skills. Club Objectives : Explore the possibilities of using Minecraft for learning  a) By inviting Minecraft educators / advocates / researchers / every two months b) By Organizing at least one Gamejam about Minecraft use in education.

Meetings: Every Wednesday, 17.15pm, at the CRI Charles V

Research for Progress

Research for Progress is a club that allows you to develop your research and management skills by working on science projects in collaboration with other CRI students around key issues such as social and sustainable development.
Meetings: Every Tuesday at 6pm in in Charles V.

Open Fiesta

Open Fiesta program is a sister program of CRI in Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, China. In open fiesta club, we will, together with open fiesta students in Shenzhen and Paris, promote a meaningful interaction between France and China, and exchange on the culture, philosophy and education etc.  We also look forward to promoting research and entrepreneurship exchanges between these two creative groups, using common effort to build knowledge and cultivate experiences.

Meetings: Every  Wednesday, 12.30 in the lounge at the CRI Charles V.

Open Science School

Open Science School is a student association that aims at developing new and creative tools for learning science, especially synthetic biology through course co-development with high school teachers, cheap laboratory hardware, kits to make experiments, conferences, workshops. Probably the coolest thing about OSS is that it can create the place for biohackers, teachers, artists, students, and engineers to meet around this common goal.

Contact: Juanma.
Meetings: Every  Tuesday, 7pm in room 1.04 at the CRI Charles V.

Retrospective & Visionary Talks

“Always in motion the future is” Yoda said, referring to the difficult but important task of the visionary talks. This club organizes a non-conventional type of scientific presentations. Creative leaders and scientists come here to share with us how their field was seen 20 years ago, how it evolved since, what were their expectations when they stepped in and what unforeseen developments surprised them. At V&R sessions you might get insights helpful for your own research, what are the next skills you should learn about and what are the questions from the future they could help elucidate.

Meetings: Once every two month at the CRI Charles V, Conference room, 5th floor.
Web :

SynBio Club

The idea of Synthetic biology club is to promote synthetic biology among students of different levels and disciplines and create a community of people interested in this subject.  The club is also the incubator of the Paris iGEM team by allowing people interested in the iGEM competition to get acquainted and brainstorm for the next year’s project.

Web: FacebookGoogle group

Ciné Club Univers Divergent

You love movies ? You like learning ? The art and science film club “Univers Divergent” offers the opportunity for the audience to enjoy both watching movies and interacting with scientists and artists after the screening. The discussions mainly focus on subjects related to science and society.

Meetings: From September to December, at the Grand Action, 5, rue des Écoles, 745005, Paris.


Our two missions are to promote science, and gender diversity in science by creating and disseminating innovative tools with an offbeat tone. Besides animating a french collaborative online platform (, we conduct workshops in school, companies, labs; we create massive campaigns to raise awareness across a very broad public and show what science really means to us: creative, fun, useful, beautiful!

Meetings: Every two weeks in the Lounge in Charles V (see agenda)
Web: Facebook, Website