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Shaping our Major Transition

28-30. June 2017., Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, Paris

The first CRI Research Advanced Workshop bridged foundational research and societal impact, specifically focusing on tracing past major transitions and understanding and shaping current digital transition. During two intense days, the eclectic mix of eminent thinkers who converged at CRI and worked on identifying the challenges posed by the current digital transition of society, and charting the way forward.


Workshop outcomes – white paper:

The workshop participants collectively identified the most promising and exciting research topics for the near future, which can be grouped in the following four research foci:

(1) major digital transition
(2) designing governance
(3) theory of governance
(4) governance systems for learning

You can read the full document here


Workshop outcomes – videos:

During the workshops, the participants recorded brief video messages. You can find their thoughts on our current major transition, and specifically how that would translate into personal recommendations to an important politician or close family member here.


Thematic Call for CRI Research Fellows on Major Transitions

At the CRI Research, we are basing the first Thematic Call for Research Fellows on these recommendations and hope to attract scientist who wish to pursue some of the questions outlined below. The Major Transitions Thematic call will be open on 13. 7. 2017, with a deadline of 31. August 2017., for more information please check here.


The full list of Workshop participants:

Andrew Black  –  University of Adelaide
Asa Calow –  Manchester Digital Laboratory
Olivier Crouzet  –  42
Vincent Danos  –  ENS
Simon DeDeo  –  Santa Fe Institute
Seth Frey  –  Dartmouth College
Francois Fages  –  INRIA
Sandra González-Bailón  –  University of Pennsylvania
Gillian Hadfield  –  University of Southern California
Martin Hilbert  –  University of California Davis  (workshop co-organizer) 
Dusan Misevic  –  CRI  (workshop co-organizer) 
Grace Neville  –  University of Cork
Cadell Last  –  Vrije University
Ariel Lindner  –  CRI
Rob Lue  –  Harvard University
Laurent Keller  –  University of Lausanne
Stefan Klauser  –  ETH Zurich
Thomas Pfeiffer  –  Massey University
Paul Rainey  –  ESPCIParisTech, Massey University
Francois Taddei  –  CRI (workshop co-organizer)