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Open FIESTA (Tsinghua University) – CRI Joint Master’s Programs in English


Open FIESTA (Open Faculty for Innovation, Education, Science, Technology and Art)was co-established by Tsinghua University in China and the Center for Research and Interdisciplinary (CRI). Open FIESTA aims to integrate the global innovation resources, collectively study, develop and share exponential technologies and disruptive paradigms to catalyze global innovation for sustainability, and nurture the students with creative spirit, entrepreneurial capability and strong social responsibility.

If you are a creative, cooperative, and critical thinker that want to make positive impact on the world, Open FIESTA is for you. The international master programs are tailored to enlighten, empower and engage you to foster exponential projects allowing you to build your network and abilities to realize your potential.

François Taddei, Director of Center for Research and Interdisciplinary in Paris, Co-director of Open FIESTA

At Open FIESTA you will find peers, mentors and a frame of freedom that will help you develop as a human being while your ideas will reach a new stage. The unique global network for open innovation offers the chance for young talents from all over the world to meet, to learn, to collaborate, and to grow together into future innovation leaders that will co-build a bright and sustainable future for all humanity.

Luping Xu, Director of Open FIESTA

Open FIESTA is looking for excellent Master students from all over the world, who are creative, open-minded, passionate, risk-taking, daring to dream and willing to be a change maker for a better world, and have outstanding personality and soft skills including fast learning, interdisciplinary communication, teamwork and leadership.

 Master program of BIO 3 (Bio-Nano- Info) is axe on frontier of Interdisciplinary life science, covers the areas of life science, Nano science and technology, and information technology, and promotes comprehensive understanding and cutting-edgeinnovation in the related field to life science, and the advanced Medical and healthcare.

 Master program of IID (Internet + Innovation Design) encourage cross-disciplinary innovation on the interface between art, design, information science and technology, and social science, aiming at cultivating one’s ability on interdisciplinary cooperation, creative thinking and design, and innovation management and leadership.

Open FIESTA will admit up to 15 international (non-Chinese) studentsfor each Master program in 2016.

 The students with a Bachelor’s degree or supposing to attain a Bachelor’s degree before July 2016can apply for Open FIESTA Master’s program. Excellent students have opportunities to immediately study in Open FIESTA through graduate candidates exempt from admission exam.

For BIO 3 (Bio-Nano- Info) Master Program: applicants in the areas of life science, physics, chemistry, material sciences, mathematical sciences, electronics, computer sciences, Nano science and technique are all eligible.

For IID (Internet + Innovation Design) Master Program: applicants in the areas of art and industrial design, social science, computer sciences and technology and big data are all eligible.

 Since this program is delivered in English, the applicants should be able to adapt to an English studying environment.