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WAX @ the Women’s Forum 2013

WAX @ the Women’s Forum 2013

By In Hot News, News On October 29, 2013

WAX Science, an association born at the CRI to promote a stereotype-free science to the youth, has been invited to speak at a round table of the Women’s Forum 9th Global Edition, on the subject “Listening to youngsters’ expertise brings results “.

What is the Women’s Forum?

Founded in 2005, the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society is the world’s leading forum looking at major social and economic issues from women’s perspectives. It promotes the empowerment of women worldwide, as well as the networks of collaboration that enable women’s voices to be heard with clarity and force. Women’s Forum events, including a major annual international Global Meeting, highlight strong and important women and men in politics, business, civil society and academia. The Global Meeting is also accompanied by The Discovery, a uniquely vibrant content relay that features meetings, discussions, classes and practical workshops.

This year, the 9th Edition of the Global Meeting took place in Deauville in October, with the theme “The Open World, Compete, Cooperate, Create” and hosted personalities such as Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse), Abigail Disney, Ann Fudge, Fleur Pellerin, Najat Vallaud Belkacem, Antoine de Gabrielli, and… WAX Science!

WAX Science participation, in partnership with the Women in Engineering Network.

WAX Science was invited by the Women in Engineering network to join one of their round tables on the theme “Listening to youngsters’ expertise brings results”. Along with Hélène Moreau-Leroy (CEO Hispano-Suiza, Safran), Marie-Hélène Therre (Founder, Inclusive Innovation consulting agency), and moderated by the journalist Frédérique Bedos, Aude Bernheim and Flora Vincent (both are former AIV students and Flora is a current FdV PhD student) were able to share their vision on how intergenerational cooperation triggered creative processes and more than confronting generation X and Y, all participants agreed on the importance of highlighting the strengths of such a combination.

It was underlined that the natural trend of the Y generation (younger) to use high-tech tools boosts the usual habits of work but still required Gen X constructive hindsights, including the use of social networks, free circulation of information and integration of codes and practices required to gain visibility on the web. As scientists and engineers, all participants also emphasized the importance of interdisciplinarity and inter generation cooperation in the fields of research and innovation, illustrated by the four participants respective experiences.

Finally, the Women in Engineering (WIE) network and WAX Science were a perfect case study on how the ways of thinking could be pretty different on achieving the final result, but none the less complementary. Indeed, both initiative were launched nearly a year ago; where WIE structured the path to reach the final result in a tempered and programmed manner, WAX impulsed its move in a more off the rails way but with an agile and quick strategy.

Flora Vincent & Aude Bernheim
WAX Science Association @ CRI Paris.


Find out more about the “Listening to youngsters’expertise brings results” round table : Minutes + Pictures

2 other Key events of the Women’s Forum:

  • The Orange Foundation and the Women’s Forum have created the Women For Change Prize that rewards humanitarian projects lead by outstanding women in Africa.
  • The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards are an international business plan competition created in 2006 by Cartier, the Women’s Forum, McKinsey & Company and INSEAD business school to identify, support and encourage projects by women entrepreneurs.