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iGEM Paris Bettencourt 2013 world champion of iGEM competition at MIT Boston

iGEM Paris Bettencourt 2013 world champion of iGEM competition at MIT Boston

By In Hot News, iGEM Paris Bettencourt, News On November 5, 2013

Photo Justin Knight – IGEM

We are happy to share with you that in its 7th consecutive participation, our student team was selected yesterday to be the champions of the synthetic biology iGEM competition at MIT (out of 204 teams from the leading universities worldwide), a first for a French team.

The innovative work presented by the young, energetic and interdisciplinary team described the development of four new biotechnologies for the struggle against tuberculosis (http://2013.igem.org/Team:Paris_Bettencourt)
Currently, nearly one third of the global population is infected with tuberculosis and 1.3 million die of the disease each year.

The team received as well the prize for the best project in Heath & Medicine.

Two aspects of the project were key to the success:

* innovative strategies to fight tuberculosis, from detection to finding potential new drug leads through a new synthetic screening system. You could read more here: http://2013.igem.org/Team:Paris_Bettencourt/Project/Overview

* An in-depth quantitative study of gender bias in the nascent field of synthetic biology as a state-case for improving gender balance in science. The crux of the results suggest that balanced teams do better research (ie, balanced team are more likely to win prizes in the competition across years). You could read more here: http://2013.igem.org/Team:Paris_Bettencourt/Human_Practice/Gender_Study

Press release iGEM Paris Bettencourt 05-11-2013

Twitter: @iGEM_Paris
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ParisiGEM2013
Website: http://2013.igem.org/Team:Paris_Bettencourt

Paris Bettencourt 2013 presentation in Boston (thanks to iGEM Lyon!)

Paris Bettencourt 2013 Grand Prize – Awards ceremony (thanks to iGEM BGU Israël!)


Matthew Deyell
Sebastian Jaramillo-Riveri
Clovis Basier
Idonnya Aghoghogbe
Marguerite Benony
Anne Löchner
Nicolas Koutsoubelis
Camélia Bencherif
Yonatan Zegman
Sarah Zahra
Vincent Libis
Aude Bernheim
Iva Atanaskovic

& to their advisors: Zoran Marinkovic and Mathias Toulouze
& instructors : Ariel Lindner and Edwin Wintermute.