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First iGAM4ER competition : the best scientific discovery games !

First iGAM4ER competition : the best scientific discovery games !

By In Hot News, News On December 19, 2013

Some twenty international teams of students, researchers and professionals reached the Final of the International Game Competition for Education and Research (iGam4ER)
andgathered in Paris to showcase their game and drive them forward.  These scientific and educational games promote learning by playing, doing or questioning.
The event was be hosted in Paris on December 14th and 15th 2013 by the Carrefour Numérique at Cité des Sciences, concurrently with a temporary exhibition on video games.

The iGam4ER contest, launched in February 2013, has drawn students, researchers and professionals with projects of video games, board games or games based on hardware/electronics.
With one goal: make science available and teach with scientific discovery games, low-cost research experiments, “crowdsourcing”, and citizen science.
Among them can surely be found the next Galaxy Zoo or Foldit, games that have attracted more than 1 million players!
The event was open to all, not least visitors of the temporary exhibition “Jeu vidéo”, to try the game prototypes, attend judges’ talks and finalists’ presentations and even vote for their favourite game !
Visitors could also witness the creation of a game during the “game jam” (jamshaker.com/paris), whose participants had access to the local fablab to make physical objects.
Detailed press releaseiGAM4ER-jury
François Taddei, Stefan Thurner, Patrick Marchal, Vittorio Loreto, Subhi Quraishi (from iGAM4ER jury)

The jury has rewarded the following games :
Dog collar, Grand Prize
AstroLabe Learning by playing Prize
Mindsweeper, Learning by doing Prize
Paida Games, Learning by questioning Prize
Link, Exploration of Knowledge acquisition Prize
DeltaV, Free Lance Prize
Ero.Coli, Design Prize

+ 7 Gold Medals :
Atom Cell,
Build your own galaxy then blow it,
The Cure

The public’s vote
1. Ero Coli.
2. Udock.
3. Astrolabe & Païda games

Jamshaker winners
1. Tantum Locus
2. Labrats
3. Kittens for science

Learn more about the projects :

Relive the event through some pictures(iGAM4ER gallery)