Who are AIV students?

When we say that our students are coming from all around the world and from various backgrounds, these are not just empty words…

Here is a sample of testimonials of few AIV students. More are coming!

“”Here you have complete freedom, you can choose the area you want to study from biology to physics”” Yasya, Ukraine

“You can explore different career paths and different research fields and refine your research interests” Teja, India

“When bringing an expert in each field and putting them together, everyone becomes a beginner and teacher at the same time” Rose, Canada

“It is really great to open your horizon and to meet a lot of new friends” Jérémie-Luc, France

“There is always room for open discussion not just amongst our peers but also with our teachers.” Bilen, Ethiopia

“There are so many different cultures, different people, free-spirited people merged here” Mislav, Croatia

“You can choose whatever your path is supposed to be” Charles – Belgium and Judith – Germany

The AIV master is in my opinion masterpiece. Not only it creates strong and durable bonds among its students, it also provides an incredible amount of opportunities through its environment. The quality of the teachers, the classes, the masterclasses, and the workshops, is overwhelming. I am also stunned by the level of human and scientific development that it results in for every students. The extraordinary diversity of knowledge and skills that the students develop is amazing.

These two last years were the best of my life and I will only keep superb memories of it.

I learned so much through the classes, the internships, and from my peers, all of that while being delighted to work and to come for the classes every time, I now realize with a bit of melancholy that it is over. However, I know that I will keep benefiting from the experience I had and the people I met during this time.

I owe my PhD position to two alumni who persuaded me to apply to the Francis Crick Institute when I still didn’t know the place existed, as well as the iGEM team and the master for making me the person I am today thanks to all this opportunities.

Clovis Basier – AIV student 2015-2017