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The Interdisciplinary Approaches in Life Sciences (AIV) Master (M.Sc) of Paris Diderot and Descartes universities is an interdisciplinary two-year program tackling quantitative approaches on different interfaces with Life Sciences. It aims at training creative and talented students to develop their research  in an environment as enriching as the best world graduate programs. The program is based on learning through research pedagogy – rich with research internships and collaborative projects. AIV (Approches Interdisciplinaires du Vivant) is a track of the AIRE Master program (Approches Interdisciplinaires de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement). The program is funded by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.

The 1st year of the AIV Master is the first in France to teach systems biology and synthetic biology. The training is focused at the interface of life sciences and physics, mathematics and computer science. Apart from systems and synthetic biology, students discover methods of mathematical modelling, statistical analysis and as well state-of-the-art technologies (fluorescence microscopy, nano-fabrication, molecular forces measurements, etc.) used to quantify the properties of living systems. They also gain skills in scientific communication and may want to participate in external modules to acquire or strengthen a specific knowledge.

During the second year students deepen their knowledge of life sciences, develop their ability to critically analyze scientific works and discover the Research world. The M2 curriculum is devoted to research, through three internships, with at least one theoretical internship and one experimental internship. For those willing to pursue in a PhD program, the last semester will give them the opportunity to prepare a thesis project.

Students can follow the second year from the master’s first year program or apply directly, having fulfilled previously an equivalent of 4 years post-high school education, including at least one internship in a research settings.

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