Eugenio Cinquemani

Romain Freund


12 sessions a 4 hours each (to be reassessed for next year)

Overview of the class

The course is divided in two parts. The first part will make use of betting games, poll-based experiments and other cooperative games for the students to develop a feeling for statistical reasoning.

In the second part, a rigorous construction of the methods tied to the so-called “linear model” (comparison of means, linear regression, Analysis of variance) will be proposed, following a pedagogy that minimizes the recourse to mathematical material to its core elements.

Goal of the class

Developing a sane understanding of the connection between mathematical reasoning and real-world problems is the main objective of this class. Students will be also able to practice this understanding on various datasets, though a limited, yet versatile, spectrum of methods will be covered in this course.


A written assignment serves as basis for the evaluation. Half of the grade pertains to the redaction and the assimilation of the conceptual basis, the other half pertains to technical skills.


To be announced


Calculus (including integration)


To be announced