In the first three weeks of the AIV Master 1, we will try to push your knowledge in mathematics, physics, biology and programing to the level necessary for a fruitful and efficient year. While some of the subjects might be familiar to you, others will probably be new and challenging. Luckily, you are part of an interdisciplinary crowd, so there should always be someone nearby who can help you out. This is one of the most important lessons at the CRI: work together. The three weeks will take you through 4 main topics:

  • Matlab programming class.
  • Biochemical modelling.
  • Physics and mathematics foundations.
  • Evolution.

In addition to these core topics, you will participate in a project on a scientific paper that has been published in Science. Yes, that Science. We would like you to help annotate several articles, in collaboration with editors from Science Magazine, in a way that has been done for articles on This is a great opportunity to go over some basic biology, help your colleagues who may be from a different field to pick up some bits that they may be missing, and participate in creating an interesting educational tool. You will work in groups, and the hope is that your work will be published on the Science website, along with the annotated articles that are already there.

The second week of the bootcamp will be held during a retreat of all AIRE students (AIV track, EdTech track) and of the first-years of the CRI doctoral school FdV. While second-years and first-years PhD students will be working on their CIRP workshop, M1 students will share their time between the courses on the bootcamp and related projects. The 2018-2019 retreat will take place from the 10th to the 15th of September.