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Focus on Saskia van der Vies

Focus on Saskia van der Vies

By In Mentors On March 4, 2015

Saskia van der Vies will be a mentor during the Leadership Program 2015.

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Saskia van der Vies is a Professor of Biochemistry at the VUmc Department of Pathology. Her group works on the role protein (mis)folding plays in several brain diseases by studying protein folding from a neuropathological perspective. Saskia and her colleagues compare Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

‘We are particularly interested in what happens in the early stages of the disease, when clinical symptoms may not be visible, but the pathological process has already initiated.’

She is also member of the International Scientific Commitee of the Liliane Bettencourt program, Frontiers in Life Sciences PhD program (FdV) at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity.

‘Often, biomedical scientists work with model systems such as mice or cell lines and they forget about the human pathology. In the end it is all about understanding what goes on, and what goes wrong in the human brain. I like to invite people who do not think about human neuropathology to drop by and talk to us.’