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Focus on Jérôme Waldispuhl

Focus on Jérôme Waldispuhl

By In Leadership Program, Leadership Program 2015, Mentors On March 2, 2015

Jérôme Waldispuhl will be a mentor during the Leadership Program 2015.

To learn more about him, keep on reading:

Jérôme conducts research in computational molecular biology with a strong emphasis on RNA sequence/structure analysis and protein folding prediction. Recently, he also gained interests in applications of crowdsourcing and human-computing techniques in bioinformatics.

Jérôme received a PhD in Computer Science from École Polytechnnique (France) in 2004 under the mentorship of Jean-Marc Steyaert. From 2005 to 2006, he was a post-doctoral researcher in the group of Peter Clote at Boston College. In 2006, he moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was and instructor in applied mathematics under the mentorship of Bonnie Berger. In 2009, he joined the School of Computer Science at McGill University as an assistant professor.

He is a recipient of the Tomlinson Scientist Award in 2012, and the Fessenden Professorship in Science Innovation in 2013.

He leads the Computer Science & Biology Group at the School of Computer Science of McGill University.

Jérôme Waldispühl and Mathieu Blanchette also created Phylo a casual web game that looks like a classical puzzle game, to learn more about Phylo check out Jérôme’s presentation on his project that he made during last year’s Leadership Program here.

Jérôme at Cups2011 on Phylo: