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Ana Baptista Learning Advisor, Queen Mary University of London

#Education #Educational Research #Pedagogy #Academic Success #Widening Participation #Undergrad and Postgrad Research and Supervision

“Don’t mind the gap between art and science!” Interdisciplinary research summer school and research modules embedded in the curriculum for undergraduate students.

Ana holds a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Aveiro (Portugal) on the topic: Non-Traditional Adult Students in Higher Education. At the same institution, she concluded her PhD in May 2013 with distinction and honours on the quality of doctoral research supervision.

She has teaching experience in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. She has also designed and carried out CPD training courses for Higher Education Academics. Dr Baptista has been involved in several projects related to interconnected areas: linking teaching and research, undergraduate research, widening participation, non-traditional students, academic success, retention issues and employability. Her interests are clearly related to Higher Education pedagogy in the broadest sense.

Social: academia.edu/AnaVitoriaBaptista linkedin.com/pub/ana-baptista learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk thinkingwriting.qmul.ac.uk

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Andrea Weisse Postdoc at SynthSys – Synthetic & Systems Biology, U. of Edinburgh

#cell biology #quantitative and experimental sciences #mathematical analysis #programming and modelling techniques

Implement models and come up with extensions to study specific research questions for  students in biology / quantitative sciences (mathematics, physics and computer science)

Andrea has a background in computational biology and applied mathematics. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at SynthSys, the Centre for Synthetic & Systems Biology at the University of Edinburgh. Andrea uses mathematical models to understand how intracellular mechanisms translate to cell growth and division, and she is interested in how we can use such models to teach biology and modelling to students across different fields.

Social: pnas.org

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Andrés Franco Herrera Director Biological and Environmental Sciences Department and the Center for Marine Research and Consulting, Santa Marta Lab, Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano

#Marine Biology #oceanographic and meteorological information #atmospheric data
#data-making in situ

A Marine Observation Centre, an academic, scientific and creation space to implement oceanographic and meteorological information from Colombian Caribbean with students of Marine : Environmental Biology, M.Sc. Marine Science, Environmental Sciences, Ph.D. in Marine Sciences programs.

Andrés Franco is Marine Biologist, Ph.D. Oceanography and Director of Biological and Environmental Sciences Department, University Jorge Tadeo Lozano of Bogotá, Colombia. His academic research in marine science around climate change, biodiversity and water quality, have allowed to explain that the teamwork, the variety in thinking and the multidisciplinary construction are powerful tools for solving problems and secrets of our nature.

Social: utadeo.edu.co

Charvi Shetty – Founder and CEO, KNOX

#neuroimaging #medicine #technology #learning by doing

A portable spirometer to capture information regarding lung function and capacity in pediatric asthmatics with information that can be wirelessly relayed onto a mobile app for parents to view and act upon in real-time. Physicians can also track asthma severity in between office visits.

BS (Bioengineering), Berkeley; MS (Biomedical Engineering), UCSF

A former software and algorithm engineer for Genentech, Charvi’s passion is in examining clinical needs and identifying areas in which engineering design can improve the quality of medical care.

Social: www.linkedin.com/in/charvishetty knox.co

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Chris Holland – Director of Clinical  Practice for MBBS Programme, King’s College London

#biosciences #clinical practice # public health #population sciences

The integration of biosciences, clinical practice and public health, population sciences, professionalism and ethical practice to prepare medical graduates for global practice and practice in new technologies for medical students.

Dr Chris Holland joined King’s Learning Institute as a part-time Lecturer in Clinical Education in November 2010. He is also a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine at King’s College. Chris’ particular interests mostly pertain to the Pedagogy of Healthcare. He is now studying part-time for a Professional Doctorate in Education from King’s College London. Chris’ other main interest is Interprofessional Healthcare Education (IPE) at both pre and post qualification levels.

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Cindy RegaladoResearcher and PhD candidate University College London

#Open Technology & Science #DIY # adaptive methodology #Kite-mapping

Citizens without Borders (CwB) playshops series: DIY & informal learning as a gateways to building capacity.

Cindy is a PhD candidate in the Extreme Citizen Science research group, at UCL Engineering and a researcher for the EU FP7 project “Citizen Cyberlab: Technology Enhanced Creative Learning in the field of Citizen Cyberscience”. In our approach the public is engaged at every step of the research project process – from problem definition and data collection, to analysis and choosing how the results will be used.

She also works with members of the public as a community organiser for the not-for-profit Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science promoting inexpensive and accessible techniques that support and build people’s capacity to act as civic agents.

Social: ucl.ac.uk/excites citizencyberlab.eu citizenswithoutborders.com

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Cyan JamesMirzayan Fellow Institute of Medicine

#art and science #narrative techniques #genomics and bioethics #project management

“Research You” an “unclass” combining art and science and narrative techniques (short stories, video clips, etc) to help students gain appreciation of recent issues in genomics and bioethics; research methods are driven by the students and will include mixed methods and data analysis.

Cyan James is completing a fellowship with the Institute of Medicine, where she is learning about policy, public education, and youth mental health and learning needs in schools and juvenile detention centers. Cyan holds a Ph.D from the University of Washington public health genetics and an MFA from the University of Michigan. She studies and works in public engagement, biobanking, open science, research bioethics, trust-building, patient-owned genomic and health data, consent practices, and the nexus of narratives with genomics. Many patients are eager to share their stories and health data–Cyan is interested in how to help this happen ethically and responsibly as well as how to use narratives and case studies in science classrooms.

Social: @CyanJames cyanjames.com facebook.com/cyan.james

Fabienne CazalisFabienne Cazalis – Institut Jean Nicod

#cognition and perception in autism #experimental tasks #data gathering #citizen science

« Interact! Autism » project with Sage Bionetworks. 1 – Communication between scientists and patients about current models of cognition and perception in autism; 2 – Online testing of hypotheses, using redwire and redmetrics to create experimental tasks; data gathering from in-home technology using API to help evaluate commercially available autism apps; 3: Open data for analyses and simplified online statistics tools for amateur citizen scientists.

Fabienne Cazalis,  Cognitive Sciences Phd (EHESS),is specialised in brain imagery applied to neuropsychology (Université Paris 6, EHESS, hôpital Raymond Poincaré, Université de Californie Los Angeles). After teaching clinical neurosciences cliniques for several years (Ross University School of Medicine, New Jersey, Commonwealth of Dominica), she know works on autism at the Institut Jean Nicod (CNRS – Institut d’Etude de la Cognition, Ecole Normale Supérieure).

Fangming HanTsinghua University

#matrix analysis theory #mathematical modeling #information science #engineering mathematics

Matrix analysis and applications: preliminaries of matrix analysis theory, (intension and extension of related concepts and theorems and learn the basic idea of mathematical modeling), and the skill of transforming a physical/engineering problem to a mathematical one. For graduate students and senior undergraduate students.

Fang-Ming Han is an assistant professor at the Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, China. His research interests include digital communication theory, information theory and signal processing. Dr. Han is now the prime principal of graduate courses “Advanced signal processing”, and “Matrix analysis and applications” at Tsinghua university. The aim with the current project is to learn how to make the modern education technique to create a scenario overcoming the traditional mathematics teaching – mechanical and tedious –, rousing the student’s enthusiasm successfully, urging the student independently into studying.

Social: www.tsinghua.edu.cn 

Capture d’écran 2015-03-31 à 12.44.31Femi Longe – Director of Programs (Open lab), Co-creation hubs Nigeria

#health #marketing #business #social innovation

Social Change Lab for Health: an immersive learning experience for healthcare professionals and administrators in Nigeria with stakeholders from the IT, marketing and business community to understand the issues in healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

Certified Facilitator, BusinessEdge (International Finance Corporation); Business Development Manager – (Growing Businesses Foundation Nigeria); Managing Partner – (Africa++ Limited UK); Co-Convener – (New Ideas for Africa series – London, Johannesburg, Lagos); Project Lead, UpRising Leadership Programme (The Young Foundation UK).

Social: cchubnigeria.com 

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jianggqGuoqiang Jiang – Tsinghua University, China

#Social Innovation #Youth Philanthropy #student-driven and student-oriented #interdisciplinary education

Social Innovation and Youth Philanthropy, a core innovative course for university students who are interested in the interdisciplinary studies of Open FIESTA Program (Open Faculty of Interdisciplinary Education of Science, Technology and Arts) co-initiated by Tsinghua University and CRI.

Guoqiang JIANG is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University. His research interests involve drug delivery and multiphase bioreactor. He has seven years experience on teaching Principles of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering and professional experience on interdisciplinary research including chemical engineering, biochemistry and pharmaceutics. He proposed a curriculum “Mass transport in biological system” to help the undergraduate students develop their think of mass transport in biological system from a view point of chemical engineering.

Socialcn.linkedin.com/pub/guoqiang-jiang chemeng.tsinghua.edu.cn/en

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Hanna JanssonUnit manager (project owner and course director) at Karolinska Institutet

#innovation and entrepreneurship #project management #curriculum design #medicine

“Implementation of entrepreneurship in the doctoral education”: a survey sent to all doctoral students and all directors of doctoral education to have a better understanding of the current view of the topic, what they want to learn and how they want to learn it.

Hanna Jansson is the Manager of the Unit for Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet, one of the world’s leading medical universities. Dr. Jansson has extensive experience of initiating and managing projects aiming to change the attitudes towards innovation and entrepreneurship in the undergraduate education. As a researcher she has experience from managing a research project with potential commercial value, working in close collaboration with a company and filing patent applications. She is now also starting up research within entrepreneurial learning and development. The aim with the current project is to raise interest and increase awareness of the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship within the doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet.

Social: www.ki.se/en 

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Ines CrisostomoScientific training coordinator at Vienna Biocenter

#data #communication skills #literature Analyse #Life sciences

A 3 weeks introductory course for 1st year PhD students to introduce them to the research topics and technologies where will be presented the discussion of current challenges in the field for students to become critical and thorough researchers, students will be trained in valuable soft skills for a successful PhD for them to take responsibility for their projects and careers and to be resourceful.

I am a Biologist by training, and for the past 5 years I have been committed to Science Education, always searching for new teaching approaches to efficiently train graduate students. My vision for science education is to create safe and collaborative environments, where people are not afraid of being wrong, hence empowering the students to think creatively, ask questions, and build knowledge.

Currently, I coordinate the Scientific Training Activities for three research institutes at the Vienna Biocenter: the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) and the Gregor Medel Institute (GMI).

Furthermore, I love teaching – find it extremely rewarding – and I regularly organize and lecture courses on science careers and communication.

Social: www.vbcphdprogramme.at at.linkedin.com/in/InesCrisostomo

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James CarlsonExecutive Director / CEO at School Factory, Inc

#DIY #collaborative work #learning by doing

James Carlson created the first makerspace in the US: Bucketworks, he has worked with more than 100 communities around the US to create collaborative space. James’s goal is to link school, the workplace, and the community by forming thousands of makerspaces and fab labs, and build health in community

James lives and works at the crossroads of the co-working and maker movement. He founded The School Factory, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the business, education, and creative communities together to transform public learning. James engaged Milwaukee in creating Bucketworks, it offers people and communities both a physical space and the tools to test-drive their ideas and their passions.

James and his team also created the Bucket Brigade, a for-profit company that brings the values of open source, open communication, and transparency into the workplace through social technology and social experiences.

Social:@hypnagogic @schoolfactory @Bucketworks

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SONY DSCJianyu He – Tsinghua University

#social innovation #youth philanthropy #interdisciplinary education of science

Social Innovation and Youth Philanthropy, a core innovative course for university students who are interested in the interdisciplinary studies of Open FIESTA Program (Open Faculty of Interdisciplinary Education of Science, Technology and Arts).

Jianyu He is an associate professor, researching and teaching on the social innovation and non-profit governance at Tsinghua University. He is an member of the Open FIESTA Program co-initiated by Tsinghua University and CRI. He is designing Social Innovation and Youth Philanthropy, a core innovative course for the Program, aiming at teaching the university students how to innovate the solution of the social problems with their comprehensive knowledge of science, technology, arts and society.  The course is a student-driven and practice-oriented interdisciplinary course.

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Kate CummingsDirector of Talent & Innovation at Last Mile Health

#health care system #training and delivery model #Community Health Workforce policy #research projects

“Health care for the last mile”, in Liberia’s remote communities, the goal is to build a health system that brings care and treatment to the villager’s doorstep and trains community members to be health practitioners for their villages and connects them with rural health clinics to offer every person access to the care they deserve.

Kate Cummings is currently the Director of Talent & Innovation for Last Mile Health, a non-profit organization that works in remote communities cut off from basic life-saving health services. Last Mile Health trains community members to be health practitioners for their villages and connects them with rural health clinics to offer every person access to the care they deserve. Kate and the Last Mile team are currently scaling up to a new area of Liberia’s rural southeast, in partnership with the Liberian government, to offer Ebola prevention trainings and train a new cadre of health workers for some of the most remote villages on earth. Prior to joining Last Mile Health, Kate managed ICT-for-development programs across Africa, including crisis mapping and open data projects in post-conflict and transitioning settings.

Social: @kenyakate katecummings.com ilabliberia.org  lastmilehealth.org

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Léa Peersman PujolChargée d’Innovation pour la Chaire Management des Organisations at ESSEC Business School – Cartes Blanches

#Entrepreneurship #bridging business, technology and education #social impact #learning and career tracks

Project to help families and organizations better manage learning and career tracks according to real market opportunities, to solve this issue is to design innovative solutions bridging business, technology and education.

Léa is a “thinkepreneur” who aims at developing innovative solutions to the achievement gap through education and technology, in the business and policy sectors. She also launched the School of Philanthropy, an innovative service learning program for children in France. She launched Cartes Blanches, which aims at addressing the achievement gap through innovative digital solutions. It focuses on bridging citizens with the new frontiers of our knowledge economy and will organize its first hackathon in the Spring 2015 in Paris.

Next fall, Léa will join the MIT Sloan MBA program and will work on a startup helping parents better manage their children’s education and companies better manage their workforce.

Social: @LeaPeersman leapeersman.com

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Muriel EpsteinPresident – founder of Transapi

#third-places #digital education #pedagogical issues #statistics #evaluation

Transapi: helping drop-out teenagers (over 16yo)  to go back to school by inventing new ways of teaching, using third-places and digital education.

Muriel Epstein is a maths teacher, she has a PhD in sociology about drop out teenagers. She cofounded Transapi, a project that aims at imagining new ways of teaching and empowering drop out kids so that they help each other learning. She has also been a consultant in public policy evaluations for 12 years, during which she studied many innovative processes in middle and high school. She teaches statistics at Nanterre University.

Social: www.transapi.fr @Transapi facebook.com/transapi

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Nava Schulman – Post Doc at Weizmann Institute of Science

#modeling complex phenomena #chemistry  #biology

Randomness and Structure: Analytical and Computational Modeling of Soft and Biological Matter” an interdisciplinary course to engage high-school students in exploring various multi particle systems experimentally and theoretically and develop various numerical simulations.

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Ranajeet ShanbhagResearch scientist and skill trainer for Rural technology based enterprise development at Vigyan ashram, Indian Institute of Education

#Research Techniques #agricultural productivity #ICT tools & social media #social entrepreneurship

Training rural youth in Research Techniques: use scientific knowledge and research techniques for improving agricultural productivity, train rural youth from community in research methodologies, use of ICT tools & social media to make a simple system of record keeping.

Ranajeet Shanbhag is working as Deputy-director at Vigyan ashram works in the field of rural development through intervention of appropriate technologies with its unique skill training approach based on “Learning While Doing” philosophy of education. Identifying gaps in rural area and providing possible technology solution to the specified gap is part of my work. He has been working on development & dissemination of various rural technologies. He also have experience in developing educational content based on ‘Design thinking’ and ‘Work centered education’ concepts.

Social: vigyanashram.wordpress.com 

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Rodrigo Tapia Seaman – Education and Outreach Manager, Biomedical Neuroscience Institute, Universidad de Chile.

#art&science #neuroscience #education #experimentalschools

“Science and Art for education” is about creating a scientific and artistic culture inside schools by bringing real scientists and artists into schools. It is an educational project that will bring together artists,scientists, teachers and students to create research projects in schools . The aim of this project is to support public education while the Chilean education system implements an important educational reform.

Rodrigo has a background in biochemistry and film-making. Also, he’s been teaching biological sciences for more than 10 years in universities. His passion for science and art led him to create outreach projects involving art and technology, such us, museum installations of plant biology and neuroscience, 2D and 3D animations, a web comic series, a brain-shaped graffiti, a neuropacman game and others.

Social: linkedin.com/pub/rodrigo-tapia-seaman @tapiaseaman facebook.com/rodrigo.seaman instagram.com/tapiaseaman/

Susan ClarkResearch Assistant Profesor at Arizona State University

#Experiential Pedagogy #Sustainability Ethics #STEM classes #educational games

“An Experiential Pedagogy for Sustainability Ethics’, a novel approach for teaching ethics to engineering and science students using games to simulate complex sustainability challenges, such as environmental externalities and the the Tragedy of the Commons.

Susan Spierre Clark is a Research Assistant Professor of Sustainability at Arizona State University. Her current research focuses on socio-technical resilience of critical infrastructure systems to climate change. Other topics of interest include sustainable development and sustainability education. Dr. Clark is co-founder of Experiential Sustainability Ethics Training (XSET) Games, which offers a set of novel digital games designed for teaching ethics to science and engineering students that center participants in classic sustainability problems, including the Tragedy of the Commons and Environmental Externalities.

Social: @sspierre23 sustainability.asu.edu

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Uvania NaidooCo-founder Open Access South Africa

#Open Access and Open Education #student-led advocacy groups

A Student Network to establish student-led advocacy groups across South African universities and foster a more collaborative and transparent research culture and process, one that considers access issues.

I am a Masters student researching the role of the internet in the Open movement. I am passionate about OpenAccess and Open Education, and have since launched OpenAccess South Africa: A Student Network, with a fellow student. I believe that open access to scholarly work will facilitate a more inclusive, collaborative research culture worldwide. Advocating against a powerful, archaic system of closed research and publishing generates more than a little pushback and I am interested in devising new, creative advocacy approaches which will appeal to students, academics and institutions. Innovation is a product of openness and collaboration and I hope to devise a curriculum that will instil these research principles during a students undergraduate years at university.

Social: @uvanianaidoo @OASouthAfrica