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CRI recruits a community relation manager

CRI recruits a community relation manager

By In jobs openings On October 17, 2019

Your role is to be at the interface between technology and community to translate community needs and practices into tools. You will rely on events and technology to ensure that learning communities can continuously enrich themselves and evolve.
You will link the members of all CRI communities, to make them engage in dialogue, being at the interface of exchanges via technology and physical meetings.

Job description

  • Lead and federate CRI communities 
    • Identify CRI communities.
    • Participate in the creation of community values: culture, social and language codes….
    • Define the objectives of the communities in agreement with different internal interlocutors.
    • Define indicators to monitor the “life” of the community (number of “posts”, quality of responses…).
    • Plan and monitor online member recruitment actions (partnerships, sponsorship, e-mailing campaign, etc.).
    • Organize events with, by and for the community
    • Participate to the annual report and to the budget
  • Strengthen community cohesion
    • Lead the various communities of the association while respecting the specificity of each of them
    • Write or relay content allowing the development of the CRI’s visibility.
    • Make existing members an information relay within the community (recruitment and retention).
    • Launch topics to stimulate debate or the sharing of experiences and practices.
    • Ensure the quality of the responses, including any criticisms made, in order to be able to use them and relaunch the discussion.
    • Ensure compliance with the community’s ethical rules through an action of moderation on the content produced by the Internet user: exclusion of comments, photos, or videos with racist, pornographic, insulting characters….
    • Strengthen and optimize interactions between communities.
    • Manage the history and archiving of the data contained on the site (topics covered, information and documents transmitted by the CRI or Internet users…)
    • Look for new social media to expand community influence.
    • Ensure the loyalty of Internet users via online events (newsletter…)
    • Implement offline operations to physically bring the community and its leaders together
    • Participate in crisis communication in case of bad buzz.
  • Evaluate and monitor actions
    • Monitor the audience of the community’s various media.
    • Report on the communication actions undertaken.
  • Technical and functional development of the platform
    • Manage bugs in the site’s functionalities and ensure the platform’s availability.
    • Coordinate, with the technical teams, the improvements to be made to the Cri Alumni platform.
    • Ability to consider the development of IT tools for communities 
    • Manage digital developments.
    • Analyze data and traffic with web analytics tools to optimize SEO
    • Manage the platform and ensure the webmastering of the site (updates…).

Technical skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the subject that animates the community: members’ socio-cultural environment (language, “social” codes)
  • Mastery of monitoring and research techniques to provide information, stimulate debate and analyse feedback (qualitative survey techniques, semiotics, etc.)
  • Ability to create partnerships and events online (or offline) to bring the community together
  • Ability to manage the CRI Community Website (http://community.cri-paris.org)

Professional skills

  • Curiosity and a taste for investigation (finding innovative topics to energize the community and involve members)
  • Diplomacy and listening (facilitator and moderator in the community)
  • Writing skills and communication skills
  • Taste of contact
  • Analysis and synthesis skills (reporting to its various interlocutors within the CRI)
  • Proposal strength to develop the content (sections, themes, visuals…), objectives (audience measurement, online advertising…) and the technical platform itself (ergonomics, functionalities…)
  • Creativity and responsiveness, (identify active members of the community and value contributors and prescribers)
  • As a mediator between Internet users who are members of the community and the various managers of the CRI, he relays the contributions, criticisms, opinions, ideas and suggestions of the members and plays a moderating role.

You’ll be a good fit if

  • You have experience in facilitating a collective intelligence effort with a lot of bright, creative and enthusiastic people.
  • You know how to reach out to others without a fixed framework to collect their expectations and needs, carefully listen to their input, make proposals to converge those different views, facilitate decision-making, ensure everyone is embracing your proposed roadmap, assertively lead it and implement it with the necessary flexibility to follow the organization’s evolution.
  • You are naturally at ease with people and love networking.
  • You are self-starting and entrepreneurial.
  • You are creative, proactive and full of new ideas.
  • You like autonomy and know how to manage yourself in a free environment.
  • You are looking for a role that is both strategic and operational.
  • You feel at home in multicultural environments.
  • You have organized events.
  • You have experience in online community management.
  • You at least basically know how to use a design tool such as Canva to edit illustrations.
  • You have used an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp.
  • You are at ease with digital tools: you know what an API is, what a dataviz is…
  • You have web content editing experience with an understanding of the special requirements of writing for the Web.
  • You have been the administrator of a CMS (WordPress, Jumla, Drupal or other).
  • You have experience with database management.
  • You are fluent in English and French, both verbal and written.

Knowledge of the scientific research world and/or the academic world would be a plus.

Contract details
CDI, starting as soon as possible
Salary commensurate with experience and profile
Average weekly working time of 35 hours
Position based at 8 bis rue Charles V, 75004 Paris, France
Candidates should have the legal right to work in France to be eligible
Benefits: Health insurance, public transportation and Tickets Restaurant

Think you’re a good fit?
Send your resume and motivation letter to recrutement@cri-paris.org