CRI recruits a scientific coordinator of the “Frontières du Vivant” (FdV) PhD program

CRI recruits a scientific coordinator of the “Frontières du Vivant” (FdV) PhD program

By In jobs openings On April 26, 2018

Main mission

Under the general supervision of the Director and Directors of Studies, the Scientific Coordinator is responsible for managing all educational activities at the doctoral school and for providing support to the students to enhance their academic and professional development. The Scientific Coordinator serves as the liaison between the students, their labs, and the doctoral school.

Job responsabilities

Specific tasks include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist the Director and Directors of Studies in realizing the missions of the Doctoral School
  • Manage, organize and coordinate all educational activities at the doctoral school in collaboration with other programs at the CRI
    • Create partnerships with new teachers, collaborate with them and provide guidance to develop new courses and/or modify existing courses
    • Promote innovative pedagogical approaches in the development of courses
    • Organize and implement evaluation of teaching and courses and decide together with the Directors of Studies what courses to implement
    • Manage registration and validate attendance and participation of students in all FdV courses
    • Organize and coordinate schedules and logistics of all FdV courses and activities
    • Chair biweekly Interdisciplinary Thursday student seminars
    • Assume a leadership role in organizing students seminars including “Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects” and the “Thematic Workshops”
    • Organize and coordinate FdV student participation to “Discovery Days”
    • Attend the quarterly Doctoral Council meetings
    • Teaching hours
    • Participate to conferences and specific scientific meetings to foster networking with other public or private institutions (students, teachers, new courses, funding opportunities, etc.)
  • Advise and follow the progress of students
    • Advise and mentor students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds to encourage professional development and enhance pursuit of academic goals
    • Follow students during their doctoral training (review thesis advisory committees and annual training reports)
    • Attend annual individual meetings with students and directors of studies
    • Develop and maintain database of students, supervisors, labs, and alumni
  • Organize and implement student recruitment efforts
    • Assist in developing the doctoral school student application and manage the online application platform
    • Advertise the Doctoral School application opening to target populations
    • Manage the application collection process
    • Participate on the pre-selection committee to choose top candidates for interview
    • Organize the meeting of the International Scientific Council who interviews the candidates
    • Follow up with the eligible students and their supervisors, and assist them in securing funding
    • Participate on the creation of new partnerships for PhD funding
    • Advertise FdV doctoral school in scientific meetings or through visits to research institutions
  • Under the supervision of the Director and Directors of Studies, assist in the development of the newly created “Frontières de l’Apprendre et du Numérique” (FAN) PhD program
    • Adapt and refine the definition of FAN PhDs
    • Develop new curriculum for FAN students
    • Build the network of collaborators and program supporters (e.g. teachers, International Scientific Council members)
    • Foster the growth of the FAN program through communication with students, supervisors, and laboratories locally and internationally
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other pedagogic programs at the CRI
    • Coordinate FdV PhD activities with those of other programs at the CRI
    • Provide guidance to clubs and FdV student initiatives (e.g. Student Retreat)
    • Participate on the pedagogic committee to ensure connection and collaboration with masters and license programs
  • Manage, organize and coordinate with the Communication Department and IT team the FdV web page and events on the CRI website
    • Manage FdV website content
    • Organize and coordinate FdV events and their advertising
    • Manage and coordinate the production of deliverables (booklet, flyers, posters, etc.) for the doctoral school
  • Assist in managing the FdV budget
    • Serve as the reference person to the CRI accountant on the FdV budget
    • Monitor FdV spending and student budgets

Desired skills and qualifications

  • Knowledge of, or ability to quickly learn, academic policies, ability to interpret and apply them, and ability to act when precedents do not exist
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, take initiative, and follow through on actions
  • Demonstrated experience working in teams and collaborating with individuals of diverse academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies and be proactive in adapting to new tools
  • Knowledge of, or ability to quickly learn, scripting languages (e.g. Javascript, Google Script)
  • Thorough working knowledge of computer and internet applications including Google Drive, word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, social media platforms, calendars, email, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly organized, responsible, and dependable
  • Curious, creative, and adaptable to dynamic environments
  • Strong interpersonal skills; professional, diplomatic, and respectful attitude

Minimum qualifications

  • PhD in life science or education or a PhD or equivalent experience in a related field
  • Experience in academic, scientific, or broader programming activities (e.g. event coordination and organization, community outreach, community management, scientific communication)
  • Fluency in English (both verbal and written)


Candidates should have the legal right to work in France


Permanent contract – Starts on the 1st of July


Depends of the experience and profil

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