By In gamelab On October 20, 2016

Team: Raphaël Goujet

Past: Guillaume Laruelle, Benjamin Brogniart, Helena Shomar, Armella Leung

Hero.Coli is a biology-themed adventure game being developed at the CRI. It is designed to help discover and learn about synthetic biology. In the game, the player controls a bacterium, explores, uses DNA sequences to modify the abilities of the bacterium, and even crafts new sequences with new features by recombining standardized subparts called BioBricks™. A free, online version is available below.

This game is the basis of Raphael Goujet’s PhD project. In order to fuel research on game-based learning, game data are anonymously gathered through an open-source, open data, CRI-developed analytics service called RedMetrics.

Hero.Coli has been developed in the CRI because the different fields it encompasses – education, synthetic biology and digital technologies – are at the core of the CRI’s missions. Besides, it has been an emblematic project of the CRI as many of the CRI’s actors have been involved: AIV Masters and FdV PhD students, students’ clubs, Gamelab developers and staff.