Harvard Summer School

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Since the inception of this 8-week project-based summer program in 2015, students from the CRI have proudly collaborated with others from Harvard College and Sciences Po École d’Affaires Publiques in creating new models for addressing the urban challenges of Paris.   

In the first month, students engage with a series of lectures, cultural activities, and field observations that establish a foundation for the second half of the program. Lectures include biological and urban design perspectives, and special guest lecture topics range from the proper use of evidence to filmography and business model design.

In previous summers, students have also carried out an urban exploration of Les Halles and the regions flanking the Paris ringroad, Le Périphérique. At the end of the first month, students will have taken the collective of these experiences and use them to create an outline for a team design plan.

Student teams then spend the second month refining their team design plan along with creating a three-minute video trailer. We conclude the program with a film festival at Paris City Hall where the student teams showcase their design proposals and videos to Paris city officials.

We want students to learn key principles in biology and urban planning that they use to adapt and transform according to the principles of the Smart City design. The aim is to provide feasible, practical, and real solutions. This summer program is an exceptional educational opportunity, and any student with a hard work ethic, collaborative spirit, and an interest in addressing the urban challenges of Paris from an innovative and interdisciplinary approach should consider applying!

2017 opening ceremony