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Training with the GameLab

We are dedicated to the advancement of games for science, education, and social change.

The lab develops games in cooperation with educators and researchers following a fast-iteration and prototyping process. Focusing on the power of play, the lab does not restrict itself to video games, but includes tabletop games, toys, and physical games in its approach.

In addition to creating its own games, the lab gives classes at the CRI as well as one-on-one help for game creation for students, educators, and researchers alike. The summer school, “GLASS”, is organized with international students around a mix of game development and scientific backgrounds classes to produce scientific games over a 2 month period.

The GameLab is the crux of a Paris game maker community. It organizes or co-organizes a large number of events, ranging from conferences given by notable game designers to round-table discussions to playtesting sessions of games under development. iGamer held at the Cité des Sciences museum showcases top scientific games from around the world, alongside workshops on experimental game techniques and technologies.

The GameLab is commited to openness. Not only are its creations open source, but all data produced through playing is also available. The game creation process itself is published and promoted, so that all can understand, critique, and learn from its projects. As part of the European project Citizen Cyberlab, and the French project IIFR, the GameLab created an open source game engine RedWire that empowers developers to mix and match code from other games in a visual programming environment. This engine works nicely with RedMetrics, an online game analytics engine that gathers tracking data from games and makes them available to all for study.

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