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  • Game Dev Room at FOSDEM 2017

    FOSDEM is a fun and exciting and conference all about open source. It attracts thousands of developers over a weekend at a university campus in Brussels. Subjects range from operating systems to databases to web development to security to big data. FOSDEM takes its ethics seriously – its completely free and non-commercial itself.

  • Open Games Devroom

    This devroom will be about all open source games. Although closed source is still the norm in the gaming industry, there is a growing number of independent games that are being released as open source. In addition, there are a number of open source projects that help in game development, including game engines, assets, and hardware.

    Let’s bring together the open source game community at this conference, and drink some delicious Belgium beer while we’re at it!

    * Open source games
    * Open source tools to create, distribute, or promote games
    * Open assets (graphics and sound)
    * Open hardware (consoles, controllers, displays, etc.)
    * Open data produced by games for scientific research

    The devroom will last one day from 9:00 through 17:00. Talks will likely be either 25 minutes long (including 10 minutes Q&A) or 55 minutes long (including 20 minutes Q&A). They’ll be a 5-minute break in between talks to setup equipment.

    Depending on the submissions, we may organize demo, workshop, or discussion sessions to complement the talks.

    Please note that presenting at FOSDEM implies giving permission to be recorded. The recordings will be published under the same licence as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY).

    For more information please write us on the mailing list games-devroom@lists.fosdem.org.

  • Who are we ?

    Jesse Himmelstein and Raphael Goujet, from the CRI GameLab in Paris, are organizing this devroom. We develop open games around education, science, and social change. We also design open source tools to aid game development, such as RedWire (an open source game engine) and RedMetrics (an open source, open data game analytics service).


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