Frugal Filming – CRI Labs Workshop

Frugal Filming – CRI Labs Workshop

By In home-events On January 10, 2017

Do you have a video project? Are you unsure how to shoot & edit it without needing a professional budget? If so, we have good news! Dai Nguyen & Mourdjen Bari of the CRI’s Documentation Lab & GameLab, and Liburn Jupolli, EdTech Master student and accomplished composer and musician, will show you how to shoot high quality video and sound with a shoestring budget.

Time & Place : Thursday, Jan 12, 18:30 @ the CRI, Tour Montparnasse, 21.09 seminar room. Sign up here.


You’ll learn how to make high quality videos with clean sound on a minimal budget with hacked tools and equipment.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll feel comfortable with the techniques and equipment needed to get your no/low cost video project up and running, and you’ll know who to go to for more information!

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to produce and publish high quality videos and isn’t sure how to deal with the material constraints.


  • Equipment: bring your smartphone & headset, and your computer.
  • If you have a video project that can be at least partially shot or tried out during the workshop, bring the script!



  • Basic rules of lighting and filming a video
  • How to make a frugal tripod
  • What your smartphone can do
  • Technical possibilities and limitations
  • Low/no cost video & sound apps
  • ensuring storage capacity


  • How to take clean sound live (characters and environment)
  • How to edit / mix / master sound in post production


  • How to publish on no-cost websites


  • Moving from no cost to low cost…

See you there!