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Publications by FdV Students on PubMed

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Other Publications by FdV Students

La Théorie de la sélection naturelle présentée par Darwin et Wallace
Riboli-Sasco L, Flutre T, Julou, T.
Bibnum, edited by Moatti A. Décembre 2009

Why teach? The evolutionary origins and ecological consequences of costly information transfer
L Riboli-Sasco, S Brown, F Taddei
Sociobiology of Communication an interdisciplinary perspective, Ettorre P and HughesD. P, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008.

Science Academie : Raising Passion and Fostering a New Social Link
Riboli-Sasco L., Richard A.L., Taddei F
Federation of European Biochemical Societies Bulletin, 6. IOS Press, 2007.

Regional analysis of social-ecological systems
Bourgeron P, Humphries H, Riboli-Sasco L.
Natures Sciences Sociétés 17, 185-193 (2009)

L’effet récré, ou l’application à la didactique des théories évolutives de la propagation des idées
Riboli-Sasco L, Eastes RE, Pellaud F, Capelle J, Sabuncu E.
Actes JIES XXVII, 2005.

Regards de biologistes sur l’origine évolutive de l’enseignement
Riboli-Sasco L, Benard-Capelle J.
Apprendre demain. Sciences cognitives et éducation à l’ère numérique, Andler, D and Guerry, B, Hatier, Paris. pages 117-128

Initier aux approches interdisciplinaires dès le master : l’exemple du master 2 « Approches Interdisciplinaires du Vivant
Riboli-Sasco L and Sabuncu E
in “Les formations interdisciplinaires : problèmes, expériences, perspectives”, Jollivet M and Carlander M-A.
Natures Sciences Sociétés volume 16, pages 24-30 (2008)

Tracking of cells in a sequence of images using a low-dimension image representation
Primet M, Demarez A, Taddei F, Lindner AB, Moisan L.
Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro, 2008.

A new species of the basal bird Sapeornis from the early Cretaceous of Liaoning, China.
Provini P. et al., 2009.
Vertebrata PalAsiatica, 47: 194-207

Disentangling the effects of predator body size and prey density on prey consumption in a lizard.
González-Suárez M, Mugabo M, Decencière B, Perret S, Claessen D, Le Galliard JF
Functional Ecolology. 16 sept 2010.

La niche écologique : histoire et controverses récentes
Authors : Pocheville A.
Chapter 27 page 629-656 in “Les Mondes Darwiniens, L’évolution de l’évolution”, by Heams T, Huneman P, Lecointre G et Silerstein M.
Syllepse, Paris (2009)

Workers agonistic interactions in queenright and queenless nests of a polydomous ant society

Authors : Denis D., Chameron S., Costille L., Pocheville A., Chaline N., Fresneau D.
Animal Behaviour 75, 3 791-800 (2008)

3D exploration of light scattering from live cells in the presence of gold nanomarkers using holographic microscopy.
Authors : Joud F., Warnasooriya N., Bun P., Verpillat F., Suck S., Tessier G., Atlan M., Desbiolles P., Coppey-Moisan M., Abboud M., Gross M.
3D research, Volume 2 Issue 1, March 2011

Cryptic Species of Parasitoids Attacking the Soybean Aphid in Asia: Binodoxys
communis and Binodoxys koreanus.

Authors : Desneux, N., Stary, P., Delebecque, C.J., Gariepy, T.D., Barta, R.J., Heimpel, G.E
Annals of the entomological Society of America Volume: 102 Issue: 6 – 2009

Structural changes in liquid crystal polymer vesicles induced by temperature variation and magnetic fields
Authors : Sabrina Hocine, Annie Brûlet, Lin Jia, Jing Yang, Aurélie Di Cicco, Laurent Bouteiller and Min-Hui Li
Soft Matter, 2011, 7, 2613-2623 DOI: 10.1039/C0SM00751J –
First published on the web 09 Feb 2011

Understanding Addiction as a Pathological State of Multiple Decision Making Processes: A Neurocomputational Perspective
Authors : Keramati, M., Dezfouli, A., and Piray, P.
Computational Neuroscience of Drug Addiction, eds. Gutkin, B. and Ahmed, S., (2011).

A Reinforcement Learning Theory for Homeostatic Regulation
Authors : Keramati, M. and Gutkin, B.S.
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 24, NIPS 2011, (2011).

Integrative mechanobiology of growth and architectural development in changing mechanical environments.
Authors : B. Moulia, C. Der Loughian, R. Bastien, O. Martin, M. Rodriguez, D. Gourcilleau, A.Barbacci, E. Badel, G. Franchel, C. Lenne, P. Roeckel-Drevet, J.M. Allain, J.M. Frachisse, E. de Langre, C. Coutand, N. Fournier-Leblanc, and J.L. Julien
Mechanical Integration of Plant Cells and Plants , ed P Wojtaszek Springer (SpringerVerlag GmbH Berlin Heidelberg.) 2011

Technology & Swimming: three steps beyond physiology.
Authors : Berthelot G, Len S, Hellard P, Tafflet M, El Helou N, Escolano S, Guillaume M, Schaal K, Nassif H, Desgorces FD, Toussaint JF.
Materials Today. Nov 2010; 13(11):46-51

Les arbres montent-ils jusqu’au ciel ?
Authors : F Meslé, JF Toussaint, H Nassif et G Berthelot
Cahiers de l’Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme n°158, 2011

Scientific Red Cards: a collaborative website for better communication between scientists and institutions about misconduct
Authors : Flutre, T., Julou, T., Riboli-Sasco, L., Ribrault, C.
European Science Editing, 36(2), 51-52

Combining Indicators of Allophony
Author : Luc Boruta
Book : Proceedings of the ACL 2011 Student Session, p 88 — 93.
Editor : Association for Computational Linguistics, June 2011

Testing the robustness of online word segmentation: effects of linguistic diversity and phonetic variation
Authors : Boruta L, Peperkamp S, Crabb B and Dupoux E.
Book : Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics, page 1-9.
Editor : Association for Computational Linguistics, June 2011

Models vs. Simulations: a comparison by their Theoretical Symmetries
Authors : Longo, G. & Montévil, M. Springer Handbook of Model-Based Science (Magnani, L. & Bertoloti, T.) (Springer, In Press, 18/03/2015).
Download pdf:  Longo-Montevil_2015_Model-vs-simulations.pdf

Changements de symétrie, criticité et aléatoire : Mathématiques et objectivation du vivant
Montévil, M

Le vivant critique et chaotique
Authors : Glade, N. & Stéphanou, A. Montévil, M.
Editions Materiologiques, 2015
Download pdf: Montevil_2015_Mathématiques-et-vivant.pdf

Ecological Models for Gene Therapy. II. Niche Construction, Nongenetic Inheritance, and Ecosystem Perturbations
Authors : Pocheville, A., Montévil, M. & Ferrière, R.
Biological Theory 9, 414-422 (2014).
Download pdf: Pocheville-Montevil-Ferriere_2014_ecological-models-for-gene-therapy-ii.pdf

Ecological Models for Gene Therapy. I. Models for Intraorganismal Ecology
Authors : Pocheville, A. & Montévil, M.
Biological Theory 9, 401-413 (2014).
Download pdf: Pocheville-Montevil_2014_ecological-models-for-gene-therapy i.pdf

Perspectives on Organisms: Biological time, symmetries and singularities
Authors : Longo, G. & Montévil, M.
lecture notes in morphogenesis (Springer, 2014).
Download pdf: Longo-Montevil_2014_Book.pdf

Extended criticality, phase spaces and enablement in biology
Authors : Longo, G. & Montévil, M.
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals – (2013). doi:10.1016/j.chaos.2013.03.008
Download pdf: Longo-Montevil_2013_Extended-criticality-Enablement.pdf

Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics: Experiments in a Model System
Authors : Tom C. Cameron · Stewart Plaistow · Marianne Mugabo · Stuart B. Piertney · Tim G. Benton
Chapter: in Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics, Vol 50, AECR, UK, Edited by Jordi Moya Lorano, Jennifer Rowntree, Guy Woodward, 08/2014: chapter Chapter 5: pages 171-206; Elsevier., ISBN: 978-0128013748

Tendances à long terme des effectifs de quatre passereaux migrateurs sur un site de migration insulaire méditerranéen
Authors : Marianne Mugabo · Pierre-Yves Henry · Gilles Faggio
Alauda 01/2007; 75:336-337.

Mean first-passage times in confined media: from Markovian to non-Markovian processes
Authors : Olivier Benichou, Thomas Guérin, Raphaël Voituriez. 
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
, Institute of Physics: Hybrid Open Access, 2015, 48 (16), pp.1630001 (1-43). <10.1088/1751-8113/48/16/163001> hal-01146165v1

Cyclization kinetics of Gaussian semiflexible polymer chains
Authors : Thomas Guérin, Maxim Dolgushev, O. Bénichou, Raphael Voituriez, A. Blumen. 
Physical Review E
, American Physical Society, 2014, 90 (5), pp.052601 (1-10). <10.1103/PhysRevE.90.052601> hal-01103320v1

Gaussian semiflexible rings under angular and dihedral restrictions
Maxim Dolgushev, Thomas Guérin, Alexander Blumen, Olivier Benichou, Raphaël Voituriez.
Journal of Chemical Physics, American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2014, 141 (1), pp.014901 (1-13). <10.1063/1.4885445> hal-01063638v1

Dating carbonaceous matter in archean cherts by electron paramagnetic resonance
Authors : Mathilde Bourbin, Didier Gourier, Laurent Binet, Yann Le Du, Sylvie Derenne, Francès Westall, Barbara Kremer, Pascale Gautret.
Astrobiology, Mary Ann Liebert, 2013, 13 (2), pp.151-62. <10.1089/ast.2012.0855>

Interrelationships Between Bones, Muscles, and Performance: Biting in the Lizard Tupinambis merianae
Authors : AC Fabre, DV Andrade, K Huyghe, R Cornette, A Herrel
Evolutionary Biology 41, 518-527

A three-dimensional morphometric analysis of the locomotory ecology of Deccanolestes, a eutherian mammal from the Late Cretaceous of India
Authors : AC Fabre, R Cornette, A Perrard, DM Boyer, GVR Prasad, JJ Hooker, …
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 34 (1), 146-156

Influence of body mass on the shape of forelimb in musteloid carnivorans
Authors : AC Fabre, R Cornette, S Peigné, A Goswami
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 110 (1), 91-103

Phylogenetic principal components analysis and geometric morphometrics
Authors : PD Polly, AM Lawing, AC Fabre, A Goswami
Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy 24 (1), 33-41

Asthenopodichnium in fossil wood: Different trace makers as indicators of different terrestrial palaeoenvironments
Authors : Jorge F Genise, Romain Garrouste, Patricia Nel, Philippe Grandcolas, Pierre Maurizot, Dominique Cluzel, Raphaël Cornette, Anne-Claire Fabre, André Nel
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 365, 184-191

Ontogeny of the cranial system in Laonastes aenigmamus
Authors : A Herrel, AC Fabre, JP Hugot, K Keovichit, D Adriaens, L Brabant, …
Journal of Anatomy 221 (2), 128-137

Bases cérébrales de la motivation chez le singe rhésus : études pharmacologiques et neurophysiologiques
Authors : 
Chiara Varazzani · Aurore San‑Galli · Caroline Jahn · Nicolas Borderies · Sébastien Bouret
Revue de primatologie 01/2015; DOI: 10.4000/primatologie.2063

The biological interpretation of metabolomic data can be misled by the extraction method used
Authors : Xavier Duportet · Raphael Bastos Mereschi Aggio · Sónia Carneiro · Silas Granato Villas-Bôas
Article · Jun 2011 · Metabolomics

Is the biological interpretation of metabolomic data misled by the extraction method performed?
Authors : X. Duportet · S.G. Villas-Bôas · R.B.M. Aggio · S. Carneiro
Article · Sep 2009 · New Biotechnology


Industrial Patent FR 09 03752, PCT extended, 2009,
L. Estebanez, J.Y. Tiercelin, V. Jacob, D. Shulz.