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The FdV spirit calls for the active participation of the PhD fellows in their own education at the frontiers of knowledge. The FdV program fosters an environment of cooperation and excellence in the FdV program that enables students to develop their potential as young researchers.

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“The FdV Doctoral School has taught me to interact with researchers who speak different ‘scientific languages,’ and it has made me less afraid to explore new disciplines.”

Aleksandra NIVINA
2012 FdV PhD Student


“The way of thinking at the interdisciplinary FdV doctoral school now makes me believe that I can achieve any goal I aim for.”

2014 FdV PhD Student

“Discussing my project at the FdV Doctoral School helps me find new solutions and new ideas to research problems I encounter. The fact that no one has exactly the same skills as I do is really stimulating for everybody.”

Paul Gydeon RITVO
2014 FdV PhD Student