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FIRE Clubs

Did you know?

At the CRI, students create their own clubs on a wide range of subjects of their choice such as interdisciplinarity, innovation, social and environmental development, science and society. The clubs give students the opportunity to get involve in an extra-curricular activity that matches their interests and adds creativity, collaborativity, and design thinking to their skill set.

The clubs started by FdV students are listed below.

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WAX Science

Our two missions are to promote science, and gender diversity in science

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Retrospective & Visionary Talks

This club organizes a non-conventional type of scientific presentations.

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The Gamelier club is for those who want to meet up to make games together.

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In Vitro Artificial Intelligence

The main activity of this student think tank is to develop the thematic of reverse neuro-engineering

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Brain Control Club

The Brain Control Club will consist of interactive workshops and meetings

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