The FIRE PhD program offers a limited number of fellowships to eligible candidates to fund their PhD studies. Fellowships are awarded according to the ranking of the candidates by the International Scientific Committee after the interviews. Since the graduate school will not be able to support all the eligible candidates, fellows and their supervisors are strongly encouraged to apply for funding from other institutions. Candidates that have already secured funding at the time of submitting their application will still be interviewed by the International Scientific Committee to determine their eligibility for the FIRE PhD program.

Alternative funding sources

– The Paris Descartes University that hosts the FIRE PhD program has listed many sources of possible fundings for a PhD in France.

– L’iEDU has published a summary of diverse funding opportunities on its website and offers a newsletter to keep informed. Listed fundings concern Master or PhD students, postdocs, researchers, etc.

– The IIFR offers partial funding for doctoral students within the Doctoral School 474 (FdV, CRI – Sorbonne Paris Cité). The selected projects will receive a thesis grant for 2 years (2/3 IIFR, 1/3 other to be found before the contract is signed). The application procedure is available online. Topics will include pedagogical innovation, learning through research, participatory science, games of scientific discovery, frugal science, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality / augmented reality, big data, Disintermediation (blockchain).

The topic presented should include component (1) and one of the following two components:

1) an innovative or fundamental research component

2) a component on training and learning related to the previous component (pedagogical kit, creation of a course, a practical course, a game or a MOOC …)

3) a component on citizen engagement and scientific mediation (declination of a problematic as an open challenge, scientific discovery game, kit to collect and analyze data …)

Funding Calls

These sources may be of interest to eager students who are researching funding sources.

French embassy in Israel – International Volunteer program for European citizens: application available until February 5th, 2019. See more information here and application documents here.

Ligue française contre la sclérose en plaques – Appel à projet de recherche clinique: application available until April 2nd, 2019. See more information here and application documents here.

IdEx Université de Paris 2019Contracts for international students: 14 doctoral contracts to be awarded, application available from December 20, 2018 to February 15, 2019. More information: in English / in French

Paris Region Fellowships (Allocations doctorales sur domaines ciblés 2018)

Paris Region is funding PhD projects related to:

  • Oncology
  • Neurobiology
  • Cardiology

Deadline : April 19th, 2018

Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy  – French Ministry of Armed Forces 

Le programme doctoral “thématique” cible les thématiques prioritaires pour le ministère, tout en offrant un cadrage suffisamment souple pour laisser une liberté de proposition aux candidats et aux écoles doctorales. Ce programme peut financer jusqu’à 6 allocations par an, pour une durée de 3 ans.

Le programme doctoral “innovation” vise à favoriser l’approche innovante, en sélectionnant des sujets libres, tant au niveau de la thématique d’études que de la démarche méthodologique ou de la dimension transdisciplinaire. Ce programme peut financer jusqu’à 3 allocations par an, pour une durée de 3 ans.

Deadline : May 6th, 2018

La Fondation pour l’Audition

A call for a scientific project to introduce students (ENT interns, speech therapy students and hearing care professionals) to research.

Deadline : January 25th, 2018

CIFRE: town hall of Paris (Ville de Paris)

Deadline : Monday, January 8th 2018, 5PM (Paris time)

Example of thesis topics:

  • Smart ways to use water in Paris and the impact of climate change

  • Social support to the radicalization phenomenon 

  • The impact of a flood of the Seine on urban services 

NanoSciences Ile de France Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to neuroscience.

DIM Astrea Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to agriculture, environmental sciences, food supply and their impact on society.

L’Institut des Systèmes Complexes Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to “Problématiques transversales aux systèmes complexes,” a full list of topics is available here.

DGA Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to natural and life sciences and humanities and social sciences, see complete list here.

Institut francilien des atomes froids Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to nano sciences, see full list here.

Le DIM ACAV Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to cosmology, solar physics, astrophysics, celestial mechanics, planetology, exobiology and astrochemistry


For thesis topics related to stem cells, reprogramming , modeling, therapeutic approaches , cell therapy, gene therapy, and developmental biology

Le CORDDIM Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to cardiovascular disease, obesity, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Cancéropôle Île-de-France Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to cancer, intratumoral heterogeneity, human and social sciences

Le DIM Analytics Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to analytical sciences: nanosciences, miniaturization, biotechnology, smart sensors, processing and transfer of information.

Le DIM & Cerveau Pensée Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, and cognition.

LECMA Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics on basic and translational research related to Alzheimer’s disease.

RDMath Ile de France Doctoral Grants

For thesis topics related to mathematics and interaction with environmental and life sciences.