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Identifying and leveraging your skills for an efficient job search


Students will learn how to identify their key skills and transform them into an offer of services.

Indeed, researchers have numerous technical skills, but also other “transferable” skills of they are probably not aware. Such skills may include working in a multicultural environment, dealing with failure, communicating efficiently, etc. Presenting these skills as an offer of services will improve job search prospects, as employers are not necessarily looking for precise transferable skills, but for what services researchers can offer them.


  • Identifying your key transferable skills
  • Presenting them concisely as an offer of services
  • Carrying out informational interviews to get your chosen job


  • Common transferable skills of PhD students
  • A systematic method to present and evidence your skills: selling points
  • Transforming your skills into an offer of service
  • A methodology to make the best possible CV
  • Why you must go out there and knock on doors to get a job
  • Informational interviews
  • Practical application:
    • design a better CV
    • get 2 informational interviews before the course


David Karlin
E-mail: davidgkarlin@gmail.com


Dates: February 18th-19th
Location: Classroom 1.10, 1st floor, CRI building
Credits: 14 hours
Validation: Students must attend all two days to validate the hours. This course will require students to work outside of the designated meeting times. Students should only register for this course if they are prepared to do that work.


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