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Responsibility in research and entrepreneurship


This course is intended for those students who are interested in responsibility in research, innovation and entrepreneurial activities. Students will gain tools necessary for ethical practices in entrepreneurial work and a vision of the work field of Responsible Innovation. It will feature a number of short modules with external participants to discuss ethical behavior in research and entrepreneurship.

The modules will cover the following:

  • Social entrepreneurship and link between research and entrepreneurship
  • Deepening the concept of Frugal Innovation and Bottom of the Pyramid markets
  • Intellectual Property issues and innovative IP management for collaborative work
  • Useful tools: evaluation grid, opportunity matrix, …
  • Apply these concepts to actual research and innovation projects – including the research work of the students


Melanie Marcel
E-mail: melanie.marcel@soscience.org


Dates: April 1st-2nd
Location: Classroom 2.11, 2nd floor, CRI building
Credits: 14 hours (2 full day)
Validation: Student must attend both days to validate the hours and meet the FIRE requirement


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