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Naturalist & Scientific Illustration


Hand illustration is still one of the best tool to describe behaviors, morphological characteristics and subtleties between different species or individuals of plants & animals. Whether using ink line drawing or paint: studying your subject in a goal to illustrate it is also a new way discover it in depth, and find new approaches to analyze it. This new artistic skill will add to your work a scientific iconography that combines professionalism and accuracy, with a rewarding self-made and personalized touch.

The course is opened to any level. Art material supplied (paper, pencils, ink, paint and brush)


Session 1:

  • How to represent your subject, and what medium is best?
  • Draw it with a pencil: how to take proportions?
  • Once the drawing finished, report it on the final paper.

Session 2:

  • Learn to “create” the volume” with shades of Black&white, or colour.
  • Start placing the general volumes and details on your illustration.

Session 3:

  • Create the textures (if necessary): hairs, scales, reflections, veins on the leaves…

Session 4:

  • Finish the final touches of light and shades.
  • Clean the illustration: first with a blade or paint, then you scan and clean your illustration on Photoshop.


Julien Norwood

E-mail: juliennorwood29@gmail.com

Web-site: http://julien.norwood.free.fr/


Dates: 4 sessions (one a week, on Mondays) in March
Location: Creative room 1.05, 1st floor, CRI building
Credits: 28 hours
Validation: Students must attend all four days to validate the hours. 


Enroll on Google Classroom

  • Log in with you cri-paris.org email address
  • Click the + in the top right corner of the screen and click Join class
  • Enter registration code: a269h5