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Life Science of Naruto?!


Apart from having the pleasure to (re)discover Naruto, or to discover at least what everybody around you know and you don’t(!), the aim of this module is to use this Manga series to discuss:

  • The deep significance that we can find in the story and behaviors shown. This part is mostly about cognitive/neurosciences and psychology. It shows how we can describe the functioning of our brain, from very clear and detailed examples.
  • The analogies that can be drawn from some aspect of Naruto’s world, or how they can be related to “common” biological theories. The idea is to reveal them and then to discuss and challenge them.

Each session will begin with a viewing of an episode or parts of episodes of Naruto and will continue with a discussion around the theme of the day. The discussion can then go on about the meaning of analogies, their significance and importance, usefulness. Some possible themes include:

  • Naruto and cognitive sciences: perception and interpretation (with illusions and their mastering), communication and language (and what is actually communicated) and an original (involuntary?) representation of the unconscious brain.
  • Naruto and psychology: individual freedom, predetermination, social interactions, resilience…
  • Naruto and Biology: notion of life (vital fluid? what is alive? dead?) the individual, the notion of species, trans-species and bifurcating ones and an (involuntary) and original representation of DNA encoding


Stephane Douady
E-mail: stephane.douady@univ-paris-diderot.fr


Dates: TBA
Location: TBA
Credits: 24 hours (8×3 hour sessions)

  • Less than 50% attendance = 0 hours validated
  • 50%-80% attendance = number of hours validated equal the number of hours attended
  • 80% or more = 100% of hours validated


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