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Initiating and managing scientific collaborations


Students will learn how to identify and contact potential collaborators, and how to get the most of collaborations.

The US Office of Research Integrity wrote about collaborations: “we are struck by how many disputes could have been avoided if only the collaborators had taken a few precautionary steps at the outset”. This course, which includes numerous practical applications, will ensure that you acquire the right reflexes to manage your scientific collaborations.


  • Gauge the compatibility of prospective collaborators
  • Knowing your personal rights and duties in relation to the collaboration process
  • Communicating assertively
  • Receiving and giving criticism
  • Managing conflicts


  • Why collaborations fail
  • Identifying and approaching potential collaborators
  • Creating a collaboration agreement
  • The key principles for ensuring harmonious collaboration
  • Assertiveness practice
  • Non-violent communication practice
  • Managing conflicts
  • Practice on issues encountered by trainees


David Karlin
E-mail: davidgkarlin@gmail.com


Dates: Session 1: February 20th-21st, Session 2: May 2nd-3rd
Location: Classroom 3.11, 3rd floor, CRI building
Credits: 14 hours (2 full days)
Validation: Students must attend both days to validate the hours and meet the FIRE requirement


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