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Games to teach and do research


The aim of this course is to first assess the potential and the limitations of using games to do research and teach, and secondly for participants to “gamify” their PhD projects.

Recently, a great number of scientific projects were developed around massive online games (Foldit, Galaxy zoo, Picbreeder, Phylo). Also, it is well recognized that learning can be achieved through playing games. In this course, we will review some example related to:

1) the use of games to perform a given research subject,

2) scientific research which can be done with games,

3) games to teach a oriented concept, and

4) knowledge one can get from games.

The objective is to assess the potential and the limitations of using games to teach and do research. In particular, we will discuss “normal” games to emphasize the key rules of a successful gameplay. Eventually we will see how to “gamify” your PhD as a concrete and practical example of how to turn a scientific project into a game.


Amodsen Chotia and Raphaël Goujet
E-mail: amodsen@cri-paris.org and raphael.goujet@cri-paris.org


Dates: TBA
Location: TBA
Credits: 14 hours
Validation: Students must attend both days of the workshop to validate the hours.


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