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Critical assessment and publication of research articles


This course is intended to train students to improve the critical reading of interdisciplinary research papers and to introduce them to the different aspects of the peer review process.


Students will be exercised on their ability to capture rapidly the content of a paper, including conceptual framework and technical aspects. Several aspects of the methodology to perform this task efficiently as well as retaining the content of papers will be discussed with the instructors. Emphasis will be put on analyzing methodological aspects and the writing of method sections, with illustrations and comparisons between different articles. Examples of seminal work involving methodological breakthrough will be presented and discussed. FInally, scientific misconduct leading to ethical issues will be exemplified and analyzed.

The course will also exercise and lead students through all critical steps of the peer review process, the tasks of Editors and board, the writing of appropriate reviews and will include some aspects of paper submission (ex: the writing of a cover letter). Examples will be given of crosstalk between reviewers and authors with the support of available transparent reviewing process provided by particular journals.


Benoît Sorre, Saskia van der Vies

Email: benoit.sorre@univ-paris-diderot.fr, saskia@cri-paris.org


Dates: March 27th-28th, April 3rd-4th
Location: Room 2.11, CRI building
Validation: Student must attend all 4 days of the class to validate the hours and meet the FIRE requirement


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