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FIRE/AIRE LiSc Thematic Workshops


Objective: The thematic workshops give FIRE and AIRE LiSc M2 students an opportunity conceive and organize a workshop to showcase their research and interests in an interdisciplinary and open setting. The workshops aim to create a setting for discussion and exchange amongst PhD students, Masters students, and the scientific community at large.

FIRE PhD students and AIRE LiSc M2 students work together to create the thematic workshops week at the CRI. The students decide on themes then register to the thematic club corresponding to the main theme of their PhD research or M2 internship. The students have the opportunity to organize each component of the thematic workshop, including format, guest speakers, scheduling, advertising, etc. A budget is available to the clubs for invitations of external scientists to participate in the workshop and interact with the students.

M2 students are expected to present and defend their research internship before a panel of M2 teachers. The FIRE students must also present their PhD research in the format of their choosing. All presentations should be aimed for a general, scientific audience and should be connected to the theme of the day. They should include an introduction to the basic scientific concepts that define the project, an overview of the latest scientific knowledge in this area, and a clear description of the scientific questions that the project is going to address and how these fit into the wider picture of understanding biological systems.

During the mandatory intro session, details of the workshop organization will be presented and collectively decided by the group. Students will select the themes and join the workshop they wish to attend.


2nd year FIRE students and AIRE LiSc M2 students with help from Camille Gaulon and Chiara Fracassi
E-mail: camille.gaulon@cri-paris.org and chiara.fracassi@cri-paris.org


Dates: Intro session >> Friday, September 27th, 2019. Workshop >> January 27-31, 2020. See FIRE Calendar
Location: Learning Center, ground floor, CRI building
Credits: 16 hours (2 hour intro session, 1 day of organization/presentation, 1 day of attendance)
Validation: Based on course attendance and participation, students can earn up to 30 hours according to the following rubric:

  • 50% course validation for attending 2 days of the workshop and the intro session
  • 20% course validation for giving a presentation (of any form – poster, powerpoint, group presentation, etc.) on your PhD research topic
  • 30% course validation for participation in organizing the thematic workshop in which you present


Second year students are automatically registered for the thematic workshops.