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Engaging presentations for the scientific and general audiences


I’ve just received an email inviting me to give a talk!! Now what?!?!

Breathe. Do not panic (just yet). We’ve all been there… and there are many things you can do to arrive to that day ready to give a talk you will be proud of (or, at the very least, one you won’t be ashamed of).


In order to help you do that, this course will cover the following topics:

1 I have to give a talk!

  • about what? where? to whom?
  • adapting to the environment

2 …but my topic is complicated

  • how to keep it simple
  • how to give a clear picture

3 OK, message is clear, now I need slides

  • how to be effective and efficient
  • how to be clear
  • how to make it visually attractive
  • …but I need to show graphs!

4 We all need help

  • Who and how to ask for help?
  • How to give good feedback?

5 D-day: I cannot think clearly!

  • managing stage fright
  • please stand still.. but not stiff
  • are my 20′ over already?!?!
  • can you hear me?

6 They will (hopefully) ask questions

  • how not to drown in your own answers

7 Final tips to nail it.

The course will involve active participation of the students, with examples and exercises.


Eugenia Covernton
E-mail: eugenia.covernton@cri-paris.org


Dates: April 6th-8th
Location: Room 1.11, CRI building
Validation: Student must attend all three days of the class to validate the hours


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Details to come


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