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Effective reading in English


A three-day workshop (1 day per week) in reading skills for academic purposes

The goals of the course are:

  • gaining speed
  • refining reading practices
  • managing texts more efficiently
  • improving note-taking and retention skills

A variety of texts will be used to work on these different skills, and students should plan on working on their own scientific texts between sessions. The content includes analyzing individual reading habits, understanding reading as a process, viewing how information is processed, and developing personal objectives.

Aimed specially to non-native-speakers


Ray Horn
E-mail: ray.horn@outlook.com


Dates: Oct 30th, Nov 6th and 13th

Location: Classroom 3.11, 3rd floor, CRI building 

Credits: 21 hours

Validation: Students must attend all 3 sessions to validate the course


Enroll on Google Classroom

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  • Click the + in the top right corner of the screen and click Join class
  • Enter registration code: fhn37u