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Beyond Scientific Thinking


What exactly does it mean to have a scientific approach? How does it look like or differ from an artistic one? How close or far is the framework of the scientific posture from other ones, like the creator one?

Objectives: To become aware of the framework that shape scientific thinking, to ponder on the creative process and to develop a sensitive approach to research from a personal artistic work.

 # Research-as-creation

# Art-science

# Creative process

After completing graduate studies in physics and biology, Aurélien Peilloux entered La Fémis school of cinema to learn film making. At the same time, he carried out a PhD at the CRI on the relationships between art and science, particularly within the creative process.

During her thesis in neuroscience at École Normale Supérieure, Charlotte Salvatico wrote and directed an hybrid short film intertwining the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the loss of the loved one, with the involvement of dance students of the Conservatoire national. 

Description: Aurélien and Charlotte will question the framework of thought that underlies the scientific approach, that is to say its founding paradigms and implicit rules. A reflection on the creative process and on its vivid contradictions will allow the students to become aware of the whole emotional, subjective and irrational part of any research process. Finally, a personal artistic work will be required so that the students will experience a complementary approach to the scientific practice, investigating their own questioning from a more sensitive approach.

Format: The course will be divided into three sessions of two days which will include:

 “Alive theory” module: theoretical teaching, open discussions and debates:

  • – Scientific thinking: what scientist am I to the world?
  • – Research-as-creation: what would be a research within the arts? 
  • – Creative process: how to think creativity? 
  • – Art and science: how can they both meet successfully? 

Personal enquiry module:  Creation of yourself by the creation (collective sessions):

  • – conception of an artistic object in a chosen form (film, photo, story, etc.): how can I investigate my questioning from a complementary approach to the scientific ones?

 “Off the beaten path” module: shared experienced (3 sessions of 3 hours)

  • – invitations of researchers / artists to present their art-science work.


Aurelien Peilloux

E-mail: aurelien.peilloux@cri-paris.org

Charlotte Salvatico

E-mail: charlotte.salvatico@gmail.com


Dates: Oct 24-25, Nov 21-22, Dec 12-13 2020
Location: Maker Lab Classroom, ground floor, CRI building
Credits: 42 hours

Please note that this course takes place every 2 years.


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