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How to talk about science to different audiences


This workshop will give you an overview of scientific communication and the variety of audiences that you may interact with : journalists, general public, patients, fund raisers etc. Workshop goals include building researchers’ communication skill and confidence in engaging with public audiences and providing best practices for use of different communication methods and mechanisms.

Participants can expect to come away from this workshop with: the skills to adapt their communication to a variety of audiences; the ability to use narrative, analogies, and other effective communication techniques to engage and hold an audience’s attention; the different way to communicate and how to use social media : blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Through discussion, self-reflection, small group work, mock interviews, and practice sessions, workshops focus on the importance of effective communication that clearly conveys research concepts. We encourage workshop participants to think about how content applies to their own work and future communication opportunities.


Cécile Michaut
E-mail: michautc@wanadoo.fr


Dates: March 6th-7th, 2019
Location: Room 3.11, CRI building
Credits: 14 hours (2 full days)
Validation: Student must attend both days of the class to validate the hours and meet the FdV requirement


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