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Reactive Soft Matter


Introduction to Electronic Textile

E-textiles are part of the field of portable technologies and are emerging as a new way of interfacing between the body and the screen, bringing broader perspectives into the human-machine relationship.

This course allows you to start an interdisciplinary project through E-textile. Combining several scientific disciplines mixed with creative disciplines, this course is based on the methods of design research and applied research.


  • Interdisciplinary methodology
  • Learning by doing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Introduction to “Physical computing”


A first theoretical part will be devoted to the discovery and learning of this discipline. Practical courses and prototype design will allow you to validate the concepts and technical skills covered on flexible interactive systems.

This course will consist of an introduction to electronics and intelligent textile programming and also the basics of using digital machines. (laser cutting, 3D printer, electronic prototyping, digital embroidery machine…)


Research engineer and designer at the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, Claire Eliot implements an applied research methodology based on design. His learning of science through hacking practices has built his specialization in the field of e-textile.


3 full days:

  • 1 half day introduction/ theoretical course
  • 5  half day prototyping

(You will have the possibility to continue your prototype between course sessions in the fablab of the C.R.I.)


Claire Eliot
E-mail: claire.eliot@cri-paris.org


Dates: April 29th-30th + May 6th
Location: Maker Lab classroom, CRI building
Credits: 21 hours


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