Become a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow!
Come inspire other youth around the world to take action for a better future
18 10 2021
Become a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow!

Who are #LearningPlanet Youth Fellows?

Your work deserves to be highlighted and amplified on a global stage. By becoming a Youth Fellow, you’ll be able to be part of a growing, empowered community of inspiring young individuals from around the world!

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What are the benefits?

  • The official title of recognition as a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow

  • Editorial exposure: be featured on #LearningPlanet's social media channels and in interviews

  • 6 training sessions per year curated by #LearningPlanet and its partners

  • Participation in #LearningPlanet’s Youth Empowerment Circle and flagship events

  • Participation in a yearly Youth Fellows General Assembly

  • Access to youth-related opportunities emanating from #LP members and partners

What are the requirements?

  • You are under 25 years old 

  • You have a vision: you are committed to social and/or environmental impact

  • You have a proven level of engagement through existing youth-related initiatives

  • You focus on one or more of the following youth-focused topics: education, health and wellbeing, rights, sustainability

  • You can prove your motivation to become a #LearningPlanet Youth Fellow!


  • Do I need to speak English perfectly? → No! You can apply in your native language. However, trainings and interactions among Fellows will happen in English. On these occasions, Youth Fellows will have the possibility to invite someone to support them with English translation.

  • When is the deadline?  → You can apply anytime, as long as you are under 25 years old. An onboarding session will happen on a monthly basis for all new members.  

Do you feel inspired? Apply today - we can’t wait to meet you!

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