EdTech students testimonies

EdTech students testimonies

By In EdTech news On May 26, 2017

When we say that our students are coming from all around the world and from various backgrounds, these are not just empty words…

Here is a sample of testimonies of few EdTech students. More are coming!

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“I don’t like the way science is taught. Science should be something that inspire you to DO things.” Alicia, Spain.

“I’m a pianist and composer and I’ve joined this program because I want to work on projects dealing with music, anthropology, robotics and neuroscience.” Liburn, Kosovo.

“I’ve found a place where diversity of background is considered as a “plus” and highly valued.” Elina, Greece.

“The EdTech sector is an environment filled with hunger, enthusiasm, great projects and really interesting people who want to change how our system works.” Mimi, Norway.

“I’ve found out that creativity is not exclusive domain of the art world thought the kaleidoscope of people that I’ve met at CRI who are coming from many difft backgrounds, many colors and all share a common curiosity and passion to explore” Anat, Israel.

“CRI is a maze without exit and entrance; you have to create you own ones with your own rules.” Tina, China.

“I have my own entrepreneurial project which is to create a platform for learning languages for kids and I really I really feel that I’m in the good place in the right moment.” Imad, Algeria.