Pedagogical Assistant Designer @Magic Makers

Pedagogical Assistant Designer @Magic Makers

By In EdTech internship proposal On December 13, 2018

Internship title: Pedagogical Assistant Designer

Contract type: Internship
Language: French
Keywords: pedagogy
Host organization: Magic Makers
Address: 153 Bis rue de la Croix Nivert 75015 PARIS
Contact: Send your CV and your Motivation Letter to :
Start: January
Duration: 4 to 6 month (to be discussed)
Start: January
Duration: 4 to 6 month (to be discussed)
Salary: Legal Bonus + partial coverage of transport

Structure presentation:Magic Makers was founded in 2014 by Claude Terosier following an observation: there was no programming learning workshop dedicated to children. With the tenacious idea that 80% of the jobs of the future do not yet exist, we have developed an active pedagogy inspired by the work of MIT and Montessori pedagogy that encourages children to adopt a new posture towards learning. This one is intended to be active and collaborative! Through the adapted learning of programming, children become true entrepreneurs and creators of their knowledge, which helps to develop their self-confidence. And, if they are wrong, they do it again, succeed and are proud of what they achieve!

Mission presentation:Thus, since 2014 we have created many workshops, continue to test and reinvent our pedagogy! Our team has grown considerably and we are looking for three super trainees to come and accompany us on three distinct missions in addition to the traditional support of our workshops:

1/ Design of a skills reference system for Magic Makers facilitators

The training of facilitators is a key topic for Magic Makers. To facilitate their workshops on constantly evolving content, facilitators need to be trained. And if we consider the 4 age groups, the 8 levels and all the technologies with which makers create, there can quickly be a lot of training to do! Beyond the organization of training, we need to accurately monitor the skills of the facilitators. During this mission, you will have to develop a skills map, in line with our curricula and pedagogy. In this way, a facilitator will be able to follow closely which skills he/she has acquired, in an Open Badges spirit, and which ones he/she should work on.

2/ Creation of a test corpus dedicated to analysing learning in the context of workshops for children of different levels

We know that we learn better when we meet people with different levels of experience. We also know that we learn better when we create something concrete, that stimulates us personally. However, there are many obstacles to the implementation of such a pedagogy: how to manage makers who work on different projects? How to manage the makers who progress very quickly, and those who need more time on their project? What are the basics of this pedagogy and what skills should facilitators acquire for their workshops? After an observation phase of the workshops composed of heterogeneous levels, you will develop your own series of tests. Thus your goal will be to establish the basis for the functioning of a type of workshop that brings together children of the same age but of a heterogeneous level.

3/ Design of a new “Innovation” holiday workshop.

You probably would have dreamed of creating virtual reality games when you were 14 years old… Well, the young people here are going to do it! We seek to make young makers discover and create, by manipulating current technologies. The challenge is to put them within their reach and allow them to create something that speaks to them and makes them want to do it. During this mission, you will participate in the creation of innovative holiday internship programs, on virtual reality, on the adaptation of a machine learning program for the youngest, on the creation of interactive history, and probably other things in the meantime.

Profile description:> General skills / know-how :
– Programming skills (C# or python if possible) (imperative for the Innovation mission, appreciated for the Learning and Corpus missions)
– Concrete experience of animation and mediation with children and young adolescents
– Operational mastery of common office automation tools (word processing, spreadsheet, database, drive) and, if possible, knowledge and use of cooperative tools such as Hangout, Slack.
– Ability to work in English B2+/C1 (read, written, spoken) (essential for the Innovation mission, appreciated for the Learning and Corpus missions).

>Qualities / know-how :
– Ingenuity and high adaptability
– Taking initiatives and autonomy
– Methodical and organizational skills
– Empathic ability to address all Magic Makers audiences
– Seriousness and motivation