Thematic Workshops

The Thematic Workshops consist of five day-long workshops coordinated by 2nd year PhD and AIV M2 students. The PhD students should decide on four research “themes,” that chacterize the research interests of the group.

During each day, students will give research presentations for an audience of scientists and other students connected to the theme. In addition to student presentations, each day will feature invited scientists from outside the CRI who will participate in the workshop and interact with the students. The student organisers are responsible for arranging the external guests, and a budget is available for these invitations. Each thematic clubs is free to include any other activities during the day that are collectively decided by the organizers.

2nd year FdV PhD students are required to participate in at least 2 days of the workshops, and all of FdV PhD students are welcome and encouraged to attend! AIV M2 students also participate in the workshops by presenting their internship work in the framework of one of the themes.